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Mad Quickies: A Robot That Messes With Telemarketers, Huge Snow Murals, Art Crimes and More!


I know, I know! I’m a day late with your Quickies. I’m sorry, friend. Please accept these THURSDAY QUICKIES to make it up. I love you.

Your weekly Art Crimes!

Hear first hand accounts, from some of your favorites, of what it’s like to work in Hollywood when you aren’t a straight, white man. -Via Jim

Fire up your smartphone – Mastercard will soon accept Selfies as identity verification. -Via Amy

Oh this is a good one – Roger Anderson, a telecommunications consultant, has created a robot that fucks with telemarketers. And you can use it too! -Via Amy

Holy smokes! artist Simon Beck creates huge, mural-like patterns in snow. Just stompin’ around, this guy. And now there’s video of the process! (video below)

An artist in New York created a message-in-a-bottle project and one of the bottles made it to France where it was picked up by, Hey presto!, a French artist!



Featured image by Simon Beck



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