Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: A Lost Typeface, Accurate Black Holes, Space Race Music and More!

Hey kids! I come to you today from the frozen wastes of the northeast. Please, someone send a dragon. It would be super helpful. In return for the dragon, which I’m sure is on its way, I give unto you these Quickies.

This one had all of us in The Lab transfixed – A 100-year-old typeface searched for and found on the bottom of the Thames.

What would the Space Race sound like if it were music? From NPR “Public Service Broadcasting’s new album, The Race For Space, a song cycle that retells the American and Soviet tentpole events between 1957 and 1972 — roughly from Sputnik to Apollo 17 — and lets us hear that historical arc the way many experienced it at the time.” – Via Kelly Savage

Hoo Nellie! Dustin Yellin’s GORGEOUS paintings of dancers are not what you think. As he puts it “Imagine if you were to make a drawing on a window… and then you were to take another window and glue it to that window… until you had a window sandwich. I make window sandwiches.”

The truth behind Interstellar’s ‘scientifically accurate’ black hole.

San Francisco as Gotham – photos and time-lapse.

Oops! Carnegie Mellon accidentally sends acceptance letters to 800 computer science applicants… with their computers.



Featured image via Oliver James et al

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Brian George

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