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Mad Quickies 9.19


You should jump if only for
lucky dragons making a baby.


Lucky Dragons – make a baby

Lucky Dragons and Lucky Dragons at bandcamp.


An episode from The Flog…
Felicia Day & Sean Plott Design Perfume
{via Steve D.}

“Come over here and smell my notes.”

We especially like the commandments at the end.


Grant Imahara at Revision3. Gangnam Style.
Yer welcome.


Featured image is an excerpt from Night Growl by our esteemed colleague, Maki Naro.


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  1. That Flavorwire article “A Beginner’s Guide to Glitch Art” was surprisingly cool. Such a wide variety of examples. There’s clearly a lot of potential breadth to the basic idea.

    Glitch music and circuit-bending music are well-established genres by now. I was surprised, and happily so, that the article mostly ignored all that, in favor of visual artists. (And the more foundational musical example of John Cage’s prepared piano. The 100th anniversary of Cage’s birthday was just a couple of weeks ago, btw.)

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