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Mad Quickies 11.21


What are we thankful for? Lots and that includes YOU people! It’s the Thanksgiving* Quickies. Dig in!

{*’Murican holiday}

Jump for Vi Hart’s Mathematical Thanksgiving Feast series!


Mathematical Thanksgiving Feast Part 1

Vi Hart makes Mathed Potatoes


Mathematical Thanksgiving Feast Part 2

Vi Hart makes Green Bean Matherole


I loved this.
I hope you do, too.


from the page
Lamenting the demise of the audio cassette, we at M-I-E, thought it would be nice to try and find a fitting tribute to it’s faded glory. ‘Jammed’ is the story of a bold, heroic, Viewmaster robot, venturing into an unknown world to save an unknown soul. We had great fun making this short film, using a mixture of stop motion and 3D techniques. The music was composed by our talented friends, Dan and John, at Meanred.


Director/Producer: M-I-E

3d Modelling: Rafael Jimenez

3d Animation: Sarah Beeby

Stop Frame Animation: Sarah Beeby

Animation Studio: Clapham Road Studios

Music and Sound Design: Meanred

LEGO Pop-up Todai-ji + Daibutsu
{via Victor’s mom}

This crazy thing includes schematics at the end of the short.


Featured image is and excerpt from Bringing his playmates to the stars by designer Shi Shiming, 1980.


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  1. Donna,

    I didn’t think I’d get the story posted her instead of Skepchicks, specifically, since I sent it to them specifically, so when I didn’t see it there I didn’t think anyone ran with it. Anyway, I’m glad to see it here. Hopefully someone will find those rock carvings soon. They’re of a great historical value. In the meantime, anyone who finds them could get a cash reward.

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