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Mad Quickies: 10-Story Urban Playground, A Child’s Cosplay Documented, 19th Century Glass Menagerie and More!


Hey gang, It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. While there’s usually nothing I’d rather be doing, I implore you to check out the article below about the 10-story urban playground and tell me you’d rather do anything but play there for the rest of your lives. Seriously. Look at that place.

Look at this!!! A former shoe factory in St. Louis has been turned into a 10-story urban playground. Shall we book passage now?

This story makes me feel everything: A mom takes gorgeous photos of her adopted daughter’s cosplay. -Via Courtney

Support Alert! This Kickstarter is for the world’s first printed, personalized children’s book. “My Magical Adventure is a printed personalized children’s book, whose lead character can be customized to look like any child, including all ethnicities and special needs.” -Via Friederike Geiken

Have you ever wondered how many people each Marvel character has killed? WONDER NO MORE. -Via Donna

Here’s a fascinating article about the roles of art and science with regard to perception, learning and philosophy – as seen through a single painting by Rembrandt. -Via Amy

Related: There’s an app called Figure1 that’s basically like Instagram for medical diagnoses. -Via Katie

Hot damn. Check out this menagerie of 19th century glass sea creatures created by the Czech father-and-son team of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka.



Featured image by Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka

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