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Live performance of Godless Perviness.


If you are not aware of the Godless Perverts, you really should be, I mean with Greta Christina as one of the spearheads, how can it not be good. Last weekend in San Francisco at the Center for Sex and Culture was the latest installment of the Godless Perverts Story Hour which featured readings from Jen Cross, David Fitzgerald, Greta Christina, Virgie Tovar, M Christian, Molly Weatherfield aka Pam Rosenthal, Simon Sheppard, and yours truly. There were many wonderful and powerful performances and all were recorded by Mark McBeth and posted to his blog. But this posting is about my performance and it’s video. I performed “Oh God, You Devil” Pts 1 & 2, “Better Off Dead,” and one poem you’ll just have to hear. Unfortunately I am unable to embed the video, so you’ll have to go to Vimeo to watch, the total run time is 19:18.

130831 GODLESS PERVERTS’ STORY HOUR (6) from Mark McBeth | Projects 2 on Vimeo.

To interact with Godless Perverts, you can go to their Facebook page.

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