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Hi I’m New!


My name is Julianne Harnish. I am an artist, an atheist, a feminist, and a skeptic. I shall be posting things of interest for you all in the near future, but first I’d like to show you this scrap of paper that’s been sitting in my desk drawer for several years. This unassuming bit of paper is part of MAL history. It is the first ever scribble of the Mad Art Lab logo that I drew in ballpoint pen while I was bored at work one day. As you can see, it’s not very good, but hey I didn’t plan on sharing it back then.




I want to thank all of my fellow labbers for being so welcoming, especially everyone who has ever recreated the logo since it’s introduction on the site. I get really excited every time I see our little lab rat painted on a pair of shoes or built in Minecraft, much applause.


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