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Feelin’ Those Woo Vibrations


Matt and Hai-Ting of the Scopes Monkey Choir podcast interviewed me last week to talk about music, skepticism, being a lady in music and skepticism, and most importantly, Mad Art Lab! The podcast just came out yesterday. Go have a listen!

These guys cover lots of cool topics fusing music and science/skepticism, including physics, neurology, and, as in this video, alternative medicine:

(Hey! Crackpot science after the jump!)

In my own research on this particular topic, I found this little gem. I’ll say this: sometimes, as skeptics, it’s important to abandon all urges to ridicule the woomongers and simply counter their claims with solid, serious science.

And sometimes, it’s fun to just give in to that urge:

I’ve been planning on recording a few videos for MAL — I guess I have to get myself a turban.

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