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Art of the Gaps: What is the origin of life on Earth?

Part of being human is having the drive to question the mysteries of the world around us. That questioning has led us to many answers over the millenia. Some of the biggest gaps in human knowledge have been answered by arbitrary communal consensus. These diverse myths and stories entertained and …

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Angela Gonzales and Fermilab–pride, purpose, and play

In late October, 80-y.o.  Angela Gonzales passed away. She was employee number 11 of National Accelerator Laboratory (now Fermilab). At the beginning of her 31-year career with the lab, she and founding director, Robert Wilson, shared a vision of an aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian Department of Energy research …

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Of Art and Ant Hills

I’ve been watching a slew of videos like the one above of scientists and artisans pouring aluminum, lead, plaster, and wax into ant and termite nests creating intricate and fascinating positive casts out of them. These casts of natural insect nests are more captivating to me than most sculptures. They …

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Mad Art Cast: Update on Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo and New York Maker Faire!

On this week’s episode Ashley reveals her super power, A visits Hollywood, Amy visits New York, and Brian does his laundry. Also fireflies and tufts and stuff. Trust me, it’s worth a listen. Scroll down to see images from The Frida Exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens in NY. …

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Mad Art Cast: David Nguyen Interview (and get your flu shot!)

Your intrepid co-hosts chat about the new flu vaccine and why you should get yours, plus A brings us another cool interview from Dragon*Con 2015 back in September. This interview is with graphic designer David Nguyen who works for HiRez Studios, who make the popular video game Smite. SHOW NOTES: …

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Mad Art Cast: Social Media and the Creative with bonus Interview with Chemist, Ray Burks

Hello friends! Today we bring you another wonderful episode of Mad Art Cast!   This week, the gang has a discussion about social media, blogs and whether or not it is hurting or helping a new generation of artists. We talk about how sharing can bring your art to a …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #7 – Mars One, Bug Girl and Mattering!

w00t! Here’s Episode #7 -Mars One, Bug Girl and Mattering! This week the Mad Art Cast crew talks art, science, Mars One, our many sponsors, the transient nature of art and the need for fame … and how all that fits into busy lives. There is an interesting idea behind …

painted plaster copy of a rune stone from St. Paul's Cathedral in London, depicting an animal of some kind in red and black
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A-Viking We Will Go

Yaaarr, Vikings! Plunder and pillage! Huge, be-furred raiders in horned helmets! Everyone has their own personal Mjolnir! If that’s what comes to mind when someone says “Vikings,” you may want to reconsider. The very word viking, as it’s commonly used, is somewhat inaccurate. It derives from Old Norse, and meant a trade ship or …