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Critical Thinking and Science in the New Year

David Brooks posted his favorite essays of the year, and I wanted to draw attention to the first two, which I think will be of particular interest to Labbers.


Make Sedona a Reality!

Once called “Arizona’s Little Hollywood,” Sedona, AZ is now home to New Age practitioners, UFO abductees, telekinetic spoon-benders, and six “energy vortexes.” Since few of us will ever make a trek out to explore the cultural oddities of Sedona, Carrie Poppy, Brian Thompson, and Adam Isaak want to bring Sedona …


Happy Halloween 2013, Mad Art Lab!

I thought I’d bring a little bit of Halloween to the lab today. Our family loves Halloween; for us, it’s something we all participate in and enjoy. I will reveal our costumes from this year in a future post. Today, I wanted to share the pumpkins our family carved into …

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Giraffe: A Pain in the Neck for Science?

Did you know that the giraffe’s neck is proof of a god of some sort? Neither did I until a few years ago when I was becoming an atheist. I was surprised by how many times I saw information like the following from Project Creation: “…when a giraffe lowers its …

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Salt Therapy: Take It with a Grain of Salt

Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about salt therapies, or halotherapy, and its supposed benefits. According to the .pdf I just linked to in my opening sentence, “Salt Therapy is the best known method to detox lungs and remove toxins naturally. It is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment, that alleviates …


Oooh, You Just Got Burned, Part 2

As I promised last week, this week I was going to share “home remedies” for the treatment of sunburns. My findings are hardly “scientific”, and they are just those of a  mother who had an entire family that got sunburns. Before I begin listing each regiment we tried, I want …


A Tale of Two Mediums: Photography Vs. Cinematography

I’m doing something a bit different this week. Last Wednesday, August 14, Mad Art Lab went to the movies…well, not literally, but some of the Labbers got together via a Google Hangout and discussed “Atheists and Film”, specifically about the Atheist Film Festival. Since my internet connection is notoriously slow …

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Hangout on Air this Wednesday: Mad Art Lab Goes to the Movies!

Join us this Wednesday, August 14th at 8 PM Central/6 PM Pacific for a live online chat with some of your favorite Mad Art Lab contributors and some special guests about the art and science of film! RSVP for the hangout on Google+. This is a live internet broadcast so …