The W³ Cube: 95% Tungsten 100% BS

Something hit my radar recently thanks to my good friend Jim that was too absurd to let pass silently into internet history without a certain degree of incredulity being poured upon it. Kickstarter is no stranger to absurdist campaigns. For the most part, these campaigns at least know that they …

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Nous sommes tous Charlie Hebdo

I haven’t posted here at MadArtLab before today, and although you will come to find out I’m not an artist as much as an artistic supporter, today that doesn’t much matter. Many other outlets will give you more details than I wish existed about today’s terrorist attack in Paris. You …


The Knick on Showtime – Your New TV Habit

I hope you had a merry Christmas/Newtonmas/Whatevermas! If you are lucky enough to have some time off now and want a new show to watch for 8+ hours in a row, I am your pusherman.


Zero Gravity Day 2015

The following twitter image has been making the rounds accompanied by what appear to be fully credulous reports. Most of the internet has already figured out that the very notion is absolute bullshit but it is amazing what a little Photoshop and a falsified press release can do. The stated …

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A Woman’s Room Online

[Trigger warning for images based on threats and harassment] Originally posted on Skepchick. Get your black dresses- and your reading glasses out. There is an art show a comin’ to town! For the past month I, along with the help of LAWAAG have been building an art exhibit called, A …

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Here Be Invisible Dragons

One recent evening I was browsing my Twitter timeline and I saw a wonderful and glorious thing. Friend of The Lab, Jocelyn Oudesluys (AKA: Quarksparrow), had made a children’s book adaptation of Carl Sagan’s Invisible Dragon story from his book, The Demon Haunted World. I proceeded to share it with …


How I Lost My Religion Without the Help of Michael Stipe

Losing my faith was not only deeply personal but also a complicated untangling of odds and ends beliefs that I’d managed to acquire during my formative years on the buckle of the Bible belt. So, I figured what better way to introduce myself than to consolidate all of those years …


Art That Will Trick Your Eyes

You know that old saying, “you can’t believe everything you see?” It’s very true. Sometimes we can use art to teach us a lesson about magic, being skeptical and why you shouldn’t believe everything you see. Our eyes are selfish and needy and want to see all the primary colors …