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AI: The Thinker

Rodin’s epic bronze, The Thinker (1902), is often thought of as a monument to thought and contemplation. It elevates thorough contemplation to a place of great respect and even reverence. Unfortunately, it seems to be somewhat unique in this regard. Are there any other visual artworks that treat science, philosophy, …


AI: The Future of Piracy

As 3D Printers become more accessible and able to print with higher fidelity, a new field of piracy is becomming possible. As software and hardware improve, we may soon reach a point where objects can be copied and printed in high enough quality that they would be visually indistinguishable from …

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Zen Water Illusion

This piece of art was sent in by a reader named Heath Satow. Enjoy!

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Mad Quickies 8.10

• This is how you teach an insectoid robot to play Beethoven. (via Jennifer Ouellette) • The Chemistry of Oil Painting. (via Glendon Mellow) • Take a look at the art of Ray Peterson. He makes wall sculptures that move and light up and have to do with science and …

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Mad Quickies 6.24

• This just in: WE LOVE reader art! This piece is by Tyler and was submitted by her boyfriend, Ryan. We are told it is inspired by Neil Degrasse Tyson. He is inspiring isn’t he! Thanks to Tyler and to Ryan! And if you have reader art you want us …

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The Dragons of Malaysia

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the traveling exhibit, Wonders of Malaysia when it passed through the Royal Ontario Museum. Among the artifacts of various island peoples was a fantastic display of some of the unique Fauna of the islands. Proudly displayed amongst them were a few skeletons of …

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Mad Quickies 4.13

• From fake psychic to artist. Check out the art of Jose Alvarez! (via D.J.) • Artist, Csam Wheatley is a southern Indiana sculptor who specializes in figurative works. Check out the life size Charles Darwin he made. Awesome! • I am really interested in the microscopic world right now. …