PINK! The pinkiest pink that ever did pink. Maybe. It's pretty damn pink.
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On Wednesdays, We Litigate Pink

Like a lot of folks, the Lab got really excited a few years ago about Vantablack, a material that absorbs 99.96% of visible light and is the “blackest black” synthetic thing outside of a black hole. Then Bean-sculptor Anish Kapoor made a deal for the exclusive rights to use it, …


The Making of Supergirl

I’ve been working on a new costume for a while now, and it’s been a bit of an adventure. Most of the costume work that I do is in metal. I like metal. I know metal. I know how it flows, and stretches, and drapes, and folds. That is to say, I know …

A mold for a supergirl crest.
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WIP Weekend: Supergirl

I’m working on a Supergirl costume right now. I’ve never worked with spandex in a serious way before, so I’m learning a lot. I also plan to make the “S” crest on the chest out of cast silicone. I made what I thought would be the mold for it last weekend, …

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WIP Weekends – Horse Armor

I am working on something with the strangest deadline I’ve ever been given: it needs to be finished before jousting season starts. Before the fields dry and the mud becomes manageable, I need to finish making a face-guard (or chanfron) for a horse. It’s my first equine client, so there’s a …

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The Primordial Black Holes of Lee Bontecou

Lee Bontecou’s wall assemblages are unforgettable, raw, powerful beasts. May you have the opportunity to appreciate her work in person some day. Veronica Roberts explains how the artist discovered her signature black pigment by skewing the gas mix in her welding torch and using the resulting soot. Respect. This video …

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Hyperbolic Crochet

I never took any of the classes in the excellent fiber department at my art school. Maybe I thought it was too 2-dimensional or sedentary or too old fashioned. Visions of acres of granny yarn projects may have turned me off.  I bitterly regret it, because now I know that …

Lumecluster armour

Is the Future of Cosplay 3D Printed?

Felicia day, radiant empress of a dork empire, recently posted a video about some rather spectacular armour designed by Melissa Ng at Lumecluster. Check out her blog. It details the incredible work that went into it as well as the entire process. I’m starting to see this more and more, and I …



Art history is often presented as the genius works of a few “great men.” This is terribly misleading though. No artist creates in a vacuum. They all have mentors, teachers, inspirations, apprentices, and very often, collaborators. This narrative also hides the fact that one of the amazing aspects of being …