Science is Not the Enemy

For reasons, partially religious, partially ignorant, partially intentially denialist, the conservative Republican government set on taking over my country is very anti-science. Climate change is being framed as a hoax. The new head of the department of education wants to teach the Bible as fact in the classroom. Coal and …


Astronomy Cast Podcraft and Review

Astronomy Cast is one of the best science podcasts out there. It’s clever and well structured and well produced. The hosts have a great rapport and inject just the right amount of personality into their facts-based, informative podcast to keep it fun and engaging. Fraser Cain does a great job …


Generations: The Story of Women in Neutrino Research (Women in Science 78).

The most powerful force in the study of physics is not gravity or electromagnetism. It is not love, or courage. It is accounting. “But that doesn’t quite add up” has produced heartache and exhilaration in equal measure, and the tantalization created by blank space in the universe’s checkbook has pushed …


Milk and Blood: Icie Macy Hoobler and the Science of Infant-Mother Nutrition. (Women in Science 77).

A young mother of the early twentieth century who couldn’t or didn’t want to breast feed was a creature entirely at the hands of bumbling chance.  Doctors of the era prescribed individually concocted replacement formula recipes based on a mixture of patchwork research, folk wisdom, and personal idiosyncracy.  The most …


Octopuses at Work and Play: Jennifer Mather and Cephalopod Cognition. (Women in Science 76)

On paper, the octopus looks like a mythical beast we made up by combining all of the most outlandish bits from our favorite fictional characters.  It has multiple hearts, like Doctor Who, sophisticated camouflage capacities like the Predator, jet propulsion like Iron Man, the ability to regrow limbs like Madame …


Positive Affirmation Super Moon

I drew something for ya! The most recent and next two full moons in a row are what is called Perigee. This is a phase in which the moon is about 30,000 miles closer to Earth than the opposite phase called Apogee. Perigee is what is also called a “Super …


The Science Behind the Sideshow

Have you ever wanted to know how someone walks barefoot on broken glass? What ’embouchure’ means and why it’s important in fire-eating? Wondered what it would feel like to stand on someone else’s head? Well, I’ve got a show for you! But you’ve got to come to Chicago this winter.


Before There was Sagan: How Helen Sawyer Hogg Brought Astronomy to the People. (Women in Science 74)

Before, “The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be,” there was, “The stars belong to everyone,” the watch-phrase of a woman who spent three decades in energizing the wider world, through her newspaper columns and television appearances, with a profound curiosity about the …