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Art Inquisition: Whose Art Is It, Anyway?

Kiev is celebrating the 1,025th anniversary of the baptism of Kievan Rus, the medieval kingdom that laid the Orthodox foundation for modern-day Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. One of its museums, the Mystetskyi Arsenal, had collected the works of 1,000  artists from 35 different museums in a pan-Ukrainian Arts Project called Great and Grand. The general …


The Way of The Mister: Skepticism & Atheism

Can you be a good Skeptic and believe in God? Comedian, Brian Keith Dalton (aka Mr Deity) has the answer. Scroll down to see the video. *featured image taken from video linked above.


“Palm Reader” and “Religion vs. Skepticism”: SkepchickCon, Part 1

The time has finally come! I can finally reveal a photography project that I originally started working on back in February. It was such an entertaining, yet challenging project and I enjoyed it thoroughly. What was especially cool was that during this project I had the wonderful opportunity to work …

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Lab Track: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Higgs Boson Blues

I got sorta giddy when I saw that Nick Cave had written a song about the Higgs Boson, and it’s about the delegitimizing of religion in the face of science to boot. But then it turns out to be more of a lament than anything (Who cares what the future …

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The Perot Museum: An Oasis of Science

With all of the controversy surrounding Texas schools teaching Creationism (including Young Earth Creationism which teaches that the Earth is only 6,000 years old), and Texas Governor Rick Perry stating “In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution,” when he was asked a question by a young boy during his …


13 Lucky Years!

Rob and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last week. It was wonderful. As we spent our evening together, I pondered how this whole marriage thing got started at all. Why do humans want to pick one person to spend the rest of their life with? For this week’s post, …


Extra Credits – A Response

Extra Credits is a pretty brilliant webseries about the craft, philosophy and future of video games. The writer, James Portnow, is one of the most intelligent and considered people I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with. The show is consistently insightful and informative and I completely recommend that you go …


Book of Mormon Chicago Debut

I was lucky enough to see the opening preview night of the Chicago Book of Mormon run this Tuesday (exceedingly lucky, thanks Amanda!). I’m sure many of you have seen it live elsewhere or on YouTube by now, so I’ll try to keep the synopsizing to a minimum and stick …