The Knick on Showtime – Your New TV Habit

I hope you had a merry Christmas/Newtonmas/Whatevermas! If you are lucky enough to have some time off now and want a new show to watch for 8+ hours in a row, I am your pusherman.

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The Curve Who Became a Witch: The Mathematics of Maria Agnesi (Women In Science 18)

If any century would have favorably understood the manic blend of child shaming and twisted pride that is the typical Toddlers and Tiaras pageant parent, it was the Eighteenth. Child prodigies were in, and if you were aching to claw your way into the ranks of the minor nobility, your …

Quillied Dandelion
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Quilling: Infused with Sexism and Religiosity

Quilling is a paper craft or art form that uses strips of paper to create shapes, create images, fill in areas, and create decoration.  Generally the shapes are rolled around something small (like a toothpick) or pill bottle, or woven using something like a comb.  While there are other options, …

Take Me to Church
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Lab Track: Take Me to Church

While at first glance the title of this week’s Lab Track might suggest that our readership is the wrong audience for this song, trust me when I say that we’re exactly right. “Take Me To Church” is a soulful, moving track by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier about sex, religion, and defying …


Jesus’s Twin Sister, Brains Over Bust, And Serial Killer Lovers: An Indie Comic Round Up!

Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) might be the last major comic book convention that is still actually and primarily about comic books, and as such it tends to draw a dizzying array of both major and underground talent.  Geoff Schaeffer and I have had a booth there the last …


Ms. Marvel #2: Heina Dadabhoy and I Talk Islam in Comics, and the Demise of the Spinebreaker.

Yesterday, Marvel released the second issue of Ms. Marvel, a series featuring the trials and tribulations of Kamala Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani background who finds herself suddenly a superhero.  Skepchick’s own Heina Dadabhoy and I had a quite wonderful conversation about it, religion in comics, and the cross-roads of …

David Bazan

How I Lost My Religion Without the Help of Michael Stipe

Losing my faith was not only deeply personal but also a complicated untangling of odds and ends beliefs that I’d managed to acquire during my formative years on the buckle of the Bible belt. So, I figured what better way to introduce myself than to consolidate all of those years …

HAA poster (518x800)
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Help Get ‘Hug an Atheist’ to Film Festivals

For the past three years, I’ve helped organize the Atheist Film Festival (AFF) in San Francisco. At the 5th Annual AFF this past September, we had the distinct honor of hosting the world premiere of Hug an Atheist, a documentary by Belgian filmmaker Sylvia Broeckx about the everyday lives, loves, and …