Pretzel Roll: The Musical

In which we have far too much time on our hands on a road trip, and get a series of songs about food out of it. Variations On the CONvergence Theme: How Do We Get There? Two Days in a Car with Canadians Starring: Ryan Consell and Jim Tigwell Also Appearing: …

My Three Ocarinas

Marvel in Your Own Mediocrity

We all have things we are talented with, and things we are not. Should that stop us from trying? Should somebody not skilled with a brush just walk away from painting? Should a poor writer just set down their pen? I am not talking about “Show us your ugly things” …

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Playing an Art Show – Aftermath

Altekrea, my local geek and horror art show is over. I’ve written about how I prepare to play at one, and what I do once I’m on site, but what I do once I’m basking in the afterglow before returning to my lair is straightforward. Thank everyone involved, review the …


Playing an Art Show – On Site

Monday I talked all about how I prepare to play music at an art show. Lots of lists and a pile of panic get me right to the door, but once I’m inside there’s a bit more that needs doing. It helps me burn up the nervous energy on the …

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Playing an Art Show – Getting Ready

As someone who makes music on the internet and is a local super-recluse, I’m rarely booked for live shows, but it happens now and again. I have a sort of standing invite at a local nerd art show called Altekrea, I think because I’m the only person they know who’ll do …

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Mad Art Cast with Jamie Bernstein and Show Me Your Ugly Things Debut

Welcome to a fabulous episode of Mad Art Cast- NOW with bonus content! In this episode we are joined by photographer and data analysis expert, Jamie Bernstein. Jamie comes on the show to talk with us about what it’s like having photographs stolen on the web and how she responds …

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity. Composer: Gustav Holst; Music: Chicago Sinfonietta/L Donner; Video: JF Salgado (Adler Planetarium, Vectors & Pixels Unlimited). Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL.
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KV 265’s Cosmic Convergence of Science and Culture

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a dazzling night of music and astronomy films by Jose Francisco Salgado in collaboration with the Chicago Sinfonietta. I had seen clips of his memeworthy films from time to time on social media. It is impossible for Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy and other …

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WIP Weekend – Cover Songs

Push Play please. Thanks. I got so jealous of all the cool projects from last weekend, that I had to figure out how to post some of my own. I have mixed feelings about playing cover songs, but they’re a great way to practice without straining creatively all the time, …