The Pay-as-You-Read Predicament

You had to know it was coming: a company is letting customers pay as they read, rather than buying books outright. The company in question is Total Boox, a business based in Israel and founded by Yoav Lorch, an entrepreneur with an economics degree who spent a past life writing …

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AI: Give your money to whomever you like on Kickstarter

My fellow contributor Seelix shared an article with us this morning called “Stop Giving Your Money to Rich People on Kickstarter” in which the author criticizes a) people who contribute to Kickstarter campaigns like those for the recent Veronica Mars movie and now Zach Braff’s new film, b) people like Zach …

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I’ve got Moxie

…a small share of it, anyway. Picked it up by osmosis at the fantabulous MoxieCon, the second of its kind, put on by the wondrous women of Quite Strong. Good lord, this is how I keep working. I get so dragged down with endless images pasted into Word files, last-minute …


Amanda Palmer and the Privilege of Success

In February, Amanda Palmer did a TED talk. Have you seen it yet? Check it out at the bottom of this post. For the tl;dr version, Amanda Palmer (she of Dresden Dolls and $1.2 million Kickstarter and asking musicians to play for “hugs and beer” fame) begins by explaining the …

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Brochure/Poster/Hat II, Electric Boogaloo

My name is… never mind what my name is. I am a spy. Or, I might be. There is certainly a certain probability that I am, anyway. What I am spying on and who I am spying for is irrelevant, for I have infiltrated the Chicago Skeptics and MADE THEM …

Me in my skepti-hat for Skepticamp Chicago 2012. Hello, sailor!
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An Intelligent Designer?

Hello! As new folks have been introducing themselves, I’d like to do so as well. I’m new. Erm, I mean… I’m Beth. I always get all flustery talking to a bunch of people at once, even though I’m just sittin’ at home in my jammies with my Dirty Hipster Laptop. You …


“Waiter, what’s that ad for psychic services doing on my skeptic blog?”

We’ve all seen it: you’re perusing the blog of your favorite skeptic firebrand when suddenly, this catches your eye on the sidebar: …seriously? Do they really think someone reading this blog is going to want what’s being offered in this ad?


Amuse-Bouche: Are Tomatoes Really Fruits? + Eggs in Tomato Sauce

The very funny Zach Weiner published a comic today that mocks people who speak with great authority on topics they know relatively little about, and rightly so. However, one of his example “Phrases uttered atop Mount Stupid” gave me pause: “Biologically, tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.” I figured …