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Jesus Would Be Profiled By Airport Security, Mad Art Cast Ep 38

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode 38 where we talk about the forensic science of creating a realistic face for Jesus. That face may not be the face you were raised to believe in. In fact, it may be a face some people (mostly those of the republican variety) want …

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Can You Copyright Silence?

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode #37! First of all SO sorry for the delay in episodes! We had recorded an entire long form holiday gift guide episode but sadly the technology demons, likely sent out by Krampus, came in and destroyed one of the tracks. We tried and tried …

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Mad Art Cast: Blood Brain and Chick Tracts

This week A’s back on the ‘cast and we’re talking about an amazing bit of artistry in science (breaking the blood brain barrier) and a little bit of non-science in art (Chick Tracts), both full of awesome. You should join us for a listen!   SHOW NOTES: ALIVE by …

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Mad Art Cast #35 — Macabre Suite in the Bronx and other sad tales

This week I was unable to join the podcast, but my intrepid co-hosts soldiered on to bring you this interesting discussion about a recent Hallo—, wait, Gentrification Celebration in the Bronx last month. It’s short, but a great discussion about how to keeping diverse neighborhoods diverse and making responsible decisions …

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Mad Art Cast — Nude on the Roof (plus Norm Chan interview!)

This week the Mad Art Cast crew talk about what makes art … art. Is a nude woman on the roof art? Are people art? Let’s find out together! Also, A’s Dragon*Con interview with Norm Chan! SHOW NOTES: Poppy Jackson‘s art Neil Degrasse Tyson loves Isaac Newton Nadia Berenstein – …

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Mad Art Cast — Brainwaves!

This week on Mad Art Cast Ashley takes one for the team and tries out ‘brainwave’ enhancement with a product called Thync. Your intrepid podcast team is skeptical, but we soldier on in the name of SCIENCE! We also discuss art authentication and the auction of a “Basquiat” that is, …

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Mad Art Cast: Music, Monsters and Frank Ippolito!

It’s time for a new episode of Mad Art Cast! And this one is loads of fun! It’s filled with a fascinating chat about the evolution of vowels in pop music and a fantastic interview with monster-prop-master, Frank Ippolito! Listen in as the gang talks music, monsters, geek girls and crock pot tacos! …

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Mad Art Cast: Performance Anxiety

This week A gives us an update on the “female Viagra” and Ashley brings us a story about Adele and news of her managing her anxiety when performing. SHOW NOTES: Filbenserin Update Info Nitric Acid Cycle Beta blockers and “stage fright”