Harmonizing Humanism: Quiet Company

On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of interviewing two members of the band I gushed about last week: Quiet Company. I skyped with Taylor Muse and Tommy Blank to talk about the band, Taylor’s path away from religion, their latest album, and what they think about mixing art and …

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Mass Interview with Mad Art Lab

This week, I took over The Geek Life podcast and invited my fellow MAL contributors along for the ride. Do you want to hear the sweet, sweet voices of nearly a dozen Mad Art Lab bloggers? Do you want to want to hear Victor read poetry? Do you want to …


Interview With The Bloggess

You’re probably already familiar with Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess). If not, this interview won’t make a lot of sense. To be honest, even if you are familiar with her, it’s still going to be a bit iffy.


Sita Sings, Nina Rings

Nina Paley has been through a lot for her art. Like her immortal counterpart in the film Nina has weathered an unending array of obstacles, but remains steadfast and true to her calling. Her latest trial by fire comes from a small but dedicated group of Hindus who see Sita …

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Science Cast in Silver: Peggy Skemp

Peggy Skemp is a Chicago-based artist who specializes in jewelry with biological, anatomical and other nature-based themes. I contacted her recently (read: discovered her jewelry, fell in love with it, wept at the state of my bank account, then took every step necessary to find this amazing lady and interview …


Sing a Song of Science: Hai-Ting Chinn

Opera singer, skeptic, podcaster, and a lover of science, Hai-Ting Chinn fuses the passionate and fanciful world of music with the grounded, rational aim of skepticism in an innovative and satisfying new way. She’ll be performing at NECSS this weekend, and recently I got the chance to ask her a …

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Remember when Box Brown interviewed Ray Comfort’s personal cartoonist, Richard Gunther? Yeah, that was pretty sweet. And just the other day my friend, Matt Dillahunty along with cohost Russell Glasser debated (or spoke with depending on how you want to look at it) Ray Comfort on their live call in …

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Geek A Week Interview with Artist Len Peralta

Allow me to introduce you to the cartoon master and lord-of-lords behind the internet art phenomenon that was and is, The Geek a Week project. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Len Peralta! Hello Len and thank you for taking the time to do an interview for Skepchick and Mad Art Lab. …