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Filthy Lucre – Why We Love Molly Crabapple

The first time time I saw the artwork of Molly Crabapple was in 2008 at Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn. Her artwork must have made an impression on me because all I can remember from that show is marveling at the detail in an allegorical circus scene of hers. I …

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Atheist Duct Tape Artist: Andy Carmichael

Over here at the lab we love us some good ol’ fashioned godless art. We also love us some people with wit and a goddamn-good sense of humor. All of these lovable things have combined in a sticky, colorful mass with duct tape artist, Andy Carmichael. I was lucky enough …

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Drabble Lab round 10: Purple

It was a quiet week for drabble lab, but that means that I actually get to feature all of the drabbles!

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Drabble Lab Round 9: Explosive

Hello all! Sorry for the lateness of Drabble Lab this round; I am on vacation and foolishly messed up sending the winner out to Brian, who was illustrating. But oh man, there was some great stuff last round!

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FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day v. Street Anatomy Gallery Show at the IMSS

I attended the opening to this ongoing show on May 31st (Skull Appreciation Day!). It runs at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago until August 25th. As I have mentioned in the past, this is a really cool location in its own right and has at least a …

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Twelve Tones and Laser Bats A Video by Vi Hart

We often waltz along the intersection between the arts and the sciences here at Mad Art Lab and if that line of thinking or dancing is your cup of tea, then this video will be your bottle of champagne. The ever-so-talented Vi Hart has created one of the most inspiring …

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Illustrated Astronomy – Our Universe

Aliens! Gods and Godesses! Enormous Space Stations! Rocket Ships and Shuttles! Old, Dead People From History! Am I talking about the new Michael Bay Summer blockbuster? NO! I’m talking about The National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe! I like to think about how artists are influenced when they are …

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Illustrated Anatomy: Third Edition

We’re sticking close to home with today’s edition of Illustrated Anatomy and telling the story of a new tattoo on my arm, designed by my fellow contributor Brian G! As I was falling asleep one foggy San Francisco night last July, I was thinking about a particularly inspirational quote from …