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Let Trans Artists Tell Trans Tales

This is a guest post by Dori Mooneyham. Dori is a bi, poly, trans woman studying counseling and psychology in Texas. She’s also the host of Secular Shethinkers, a podcast and blog about social justice and fangirling from a non-religious perspective. In the past year or two, society has seen …

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SoD Cross-Post: Infamy, Hagiography, and Resistance

The following was originally posted on School of Doubt. Read the whole thing there or catch the beginning below. Last week I went with a friend to see Hayao Miyazaki’s latest–and supposedly final–offering, “The Wind Rises” (review here for those interested). For those of you not familiar, the movie is …

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Guest Post: An Interview with Atheist Musician Shelley Segal

Blogger Emily Dietle (@emilyhasbooks) recently had the opportunity to interview the talented Australian singer-songwriter Shelley Segal. Segal is best-known for her single "Saved" off of her new album which is chock-full of uplifting atheist tunes. Continue reading to learn all about Segal's musical history, the response to her album, and her …

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Guest Post: Mad Fish Monger Makes A Mad Art Bag

Many of you probably already know Mad Fish Monger as a long time commenter here or as an even longer time commenter on Skepchick. But did you know that she makes stuff? Cooooool stuff? Well she does and today she’s going to school you. It’s activity time! Take it away …

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Guest Post: Internet Anthem

For Song Fu 2012, Neil Gaiman posted the following prompt: “Write the National Anthem for a new country. A country made up of, well, people like us. You are free to write your song in any style that you choose.” So Blue did. And here it is.

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Tales from Pareidolia

Good day, Labbers. I have a treat for you today in the form of a tantalising guest post from Stuart F Taylor. Stuart is the author of Tales from Pareidolia, an illustrated collection of original fairy tales inspired by skepticism and science. Stuart lovingly plucked two Mad Art Lab illustrators …

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Guest Post: Jingle Bell Geekrock

Blue from Hello, The Future sends us all seasons greetings in the form of a song called Jingle Bell Geekrock. I’ve posted the lyrics below the video so you can sing along. Try to keep up.

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Awesome Artist Guest Posts: Sarah Hamilton

One of the main goals of Mad Art Lab is to encourage more artists to lend their skill and their intellect to furthering the public’s understanding of science, skepticism and critical thinking. In order to keep in line with that goal I have decided to do a regular feature here …