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Drabble Lab Round 9: Explosive

Hello all! Sorry for the lateness of Drabble Lab this round; I am on vacation and foolishly messed up sending the winner out to Brian, who was illustrating. But oh man, there was some great stuff last round!

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Artist-Designed Mini Golf Course at the Walker Art Center

Hello from Minneapolis! I arrived early this morning for SkepchickCON, and since I had some time to kill, I decided to check out the Walker Art Center. I’m a big fan of contemporary art, and everything I’ve seen so far has been artistically compelling and thoughtfully curated. I’ve really enjoyed …


Bloody Mary: Summoning Spirits or Ordering Drinks?

Back when I was a little girl, I was at a slumber party and distinctly remember the other girls at the party wanted to play “Bloody Mary“. I am not sure if I had heard of the legend before that moment or if they explained it to me, but I …

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Drabble Lab 8: Solstice

Another Wednesday, another drabble lab! Thank you to last round’s participants! Here are some highlights and the winner:


Plug Me In: Remember Me

An argument could be given that innovation is hindered by a paralyzing fear of technology.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution explored the fear of losing control over our own agency; this week, Plug Me In covers Remember Me, Capcom’s newly released title that begs the question: what would you do if …

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Drabble Lab Round Seven: Frenzy

Hello Drabble-writers! This week’s theme is late because I was sitting in front of a microscope all morning. And we got a lot of entries right after I picked a winner; I’ll be picking something during the day on Wednesday so to be safe write yours by Tuesday night! But …

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Plug Me In: Deus Ex Human Revolution

My hands gripped the controller as a cut-scene crashed onto my screen, a reprieve from the tension I’d been clutching in my jaw.  I released the left trigger that had kept me locked in combat position, and sat back – watching the results of my “hard work”.


Drabble Lab Round 5: Surprise

What with server issues, the last round of drabble lab was pretty quiet. But we still got a few great entries! I’ve included all of them, and our winner’s illustration, below. So, going forward, there are two possibilities: either round four was especially quiet due to server issues and happenstance, …