Show Us Your Ugly Things: LED Paper Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is coming!  This marks the beginning of the sugar/dessert themed holidays. But really Halloween is about costumes and parties. And those parties must be decorated. I found this nifty lantern pattern and decided to turn it into a Jack-O-Lantern with an LED inside. My first two tries on the …

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As Others See Us – Will Scotland Be Brave?

Oh wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursel’s as others see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us An’ foolish notion. – Robert Burns On this, the day before the vote on whether Scotland should be an independent country, I would like to share with …

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FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day v. Street Anatomy Gallery Show at the IMSS

I attended the opening to this ongoing show on May 31st (Skull Appreciation Day!). It runs at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago until August 25th. As I have mentioned in the past, this is a really cool location in its own right and has at least a …

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Preparing For a Body Positive Summer

The weather has been warming and it has me thinking about the ever impending booty short season and how I can stay body positive and embrace my curves.

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Jordan Eagles :: BLOOD WORKS at the International Museum of Surgical Science

I recently attended the (tail end of the) opening of Jordan Eagles‘ BLOOD WORKS at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago. I also had a chance to chat with the artist about his work. Thanks to Street Anatomy for the heads up! As a side note, can I …

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Happy Skull Appreciation Day!

We were recently informed by @hi_im_monkey that today, June 4, is Skull Appreciation Day. Let’s celebrate! Skull Appreciation Day is the brainchild (skullchild?) of Noah Scalin of Skull-a-Day, a fantastic exploration of skull art and pareidolia that everyone should check out. If you live in Richmond, VA consider attending the …

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Mad Group Art: May 25

Today’s Mad Pic Lab word is: Rats, you know, like our mascot! Yesterday’s submissions are pending, because I have to leave for the airport in 3 hours and I haven’t considered things like packing and running to the store to pick up essential travel supplies or that I haven’t even …