Three pumpkin pancakes spread out on a black-rimmed white plate, slightly overlapping one over the other, with three slices of bacon

Kitchen Lab: Punkin’ Pancakes, Makin’ Punkin’ Pancakes…

Now that the season of All Things Pumpkin is transitioning rapidly into a Peppermint Extravaganza, I can share with you the results of my Very Scientific Comparison of pumpkin pancakes from a mix vs. from a recipe. (With some French toast thrown in for good measure.) I wanted to see what …

Served up

Fungal Food: Chicken of the Woods

I’m going to start this post off with a warning: Never ever ever eat a mushroom you don’t know what is. Like, seriously; if you are 95% sure of what you are picking, put it back down and walk away or get somebody knowledgeable to help you figure out for …

This is L. mono after a Gram stain. (L. mono is a gram positive rod.)

Mano y L. mono

I’ve tried writing this post a couple times now and it always turns out dull. This time I am including that as a preface so that I can make myself consciously aware of the fact and thus hopefully avoid it… I’ll try to keep the words to a minimum and …


A Pair of Pears

This week I successfully remembered to not eat all of my pears* before I could get around to painting them! Anyways, I thought it might be interesting for people to see what the progress of one of these paintings looks like and how I work. This was one of the …

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Heritage and Challah

This past weekend was Rosh Hashana, which is the Jewish new year. Which is all well and good, but why would a devout atheist stay up late making challah, and why would she write about it for this blog?

two large cinnamon rolls with bacon rolled into them and stripes of frosting on top

Kitchen Lab: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…

I never know whether to appreciate or scoff at all the “recipe” posts on random social media sites that are basically slapping together three pre-packaged ingredients and calling it dinner. On one hand, I’m not so much with the time-having and the chopping and dicing and the farmer’s-marketing and all that. …

Row of cookbooks. Photo: Beth Voigt

Kitchen Lab: FAQ

With the advent of Food Fridays here at the Lab, I thought I’d take the opportunity to bring back my ludicrous Kitchen Lab posts. Why is it a lab? Because I am doing a science, of course! WTF is Kitchen Lab? Kitchen Lab is an intermittent series of Mad Art Lab …


Food Friday: Chunky Black Bean & Corn Dip

Cookout weather is in full swing, and it isn’t going anywhere soon if you’re in the south like me. Grilling weather lasts from April to November here in Texas, and sometimes the staple grill foods get a little stale over the long season. Veggie burgers and baked beans are great, but sometimes …