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MAD Quickies 9.21 – The Maker Faire Edition

We visited Maker Faire New York on the campus of the New York Hall of SCIENCE and we had a blast! We’re going to write more about it, but for the time being, we have some quickies for you. Now go out and get yourself something nice. The USBTypewriter™ — …


A Wheelie Good Cause

In my introductory post on Mad Art Lab, I briefly mentioned that I was training for a roller-skating marathon (that’s 26.2 miles) in August, and will be raising money for Simon’s Singh’s charity Sense About Science, specifically their Report Dodgy Science campaign that encourages the public to send in misleading …

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Mad Quickies 6.29

• Here is some great music sent in by Andrew Halliwell, aka Theves. I’m quite fond of Demon Haunted World. • Please buy me this camera when it comes on the market. Or at least, let me play with it. • If you are anywhere near Minnesota this coming weekend …

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Mad Quickies 5.27

• This Sunday May 29th there is a Skeptical Conference in Berkeley, CA and I am hosting a discussion on Art and Skepticism. Join me if you are in the area! • This is one serious angry-ass bird. (via Malfeitor) • Anti piracy? Sounds more like censorship to me. • …


California gets SkeptiCAL

Northern California was once home to the hippie invasion where the mantra was, turn on, tune in and drop out. But some of us think that the new mantra should be, turn on, tune in and WISE UP! And that is the mindset that the wonderful organizers at SkeptiCAL Con …