Brochure/Poster/Hat: SkepchickCON edition

(Hat folding instructions at the end of the post!) As well as being a poster, a program, and a hat, my hats are a MEME, you guys! Amazingly adaptable in so many ways, even the bits you tear off are useful. Promotional material around the party room? Check. Jaunty headgear? …

Fake Geek Girl panelists

Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl

If you are not one already, imagine you are a lady-type. So there you are, at an event, enjoying yourself and the topic/event/display at hand. This is why you go to such events! Good times, good friends, good discussion, perhaps good foods-and-drinks. But something seems off. Or something happens. Something you …

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Drabble Lab Round 9: Explosive

Hello all! Sorry for the lateness of Drabble Lab this round; I am on vacation and foolishly messed up sending the winner out to Brian, who was illustrating. But oh man, there was some great stuff last round!

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FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day v. Street Anatomy Gallery Show at the IMSS

I attended the opening to this ongoing show on May 31st (Skull Appreciation Day!). It runs at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago until August 25th. As I have mentioned in the past, this is a really cool location in its own right and has at least a …

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‘Tis (Art) Festival Time!

So now that the weather here has finally decided to be vaguely spring-ish (quite an accomplishment for the middle of June), it’s time for me to roust myself out of my cave and go look at awesome things. So I can be inspired to go make my own awesome things. …

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Skepchick Auctions: Original Surly Art, Elyse’s Penis, Skepchick Goblet, Custom Cocktail & More

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON SKEPCHICK. Post by Melanie. Contrary to MRA mythology, Skepchicks don’t think there’s anything wrong with owning a penis. In fact, this week, you have a chance to own the penis you’ve always dreamed of, custom made to your specifications in MS Paint by El Mofo herself, Elyse …

Closeup of Moxie program text
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I’ve got Moxie

…a small share of it, anyway. Picked it up by osmosis at the fantabulous MoxieCon, the second of its kind, put on by the wondrous women of Quite Strong. Good lord, this is how I keep working. I get so dragged down with endless images pasted into Word files, last-minute …


Drabble Lab Round 4: Solitude

Despite issues with logging in to the comments, last week’s drabble lab was great. Hopefully, sign-in issues will be resolved this time around; if you couldn’t get your drabble in for last time I’m sorry! I was really impressed this week with the breadth of interpretations of the theme. There …