Bacteria coloring small

The Bacteria Chlamydia and Coloring Pages for #inktober

I just completed a really fun project for my patreon that happened to perfectly coincide with #inktober. People all over the world posted ink drawings with that hashtag during the month and I happily joined in the fun with a bit of sciart. First, I drew some fun time lapse …


Decorative Deinonychus

This post is brought to you by having so much that I wanted and/or needed to do last weekend that my brain shut down and said “Screw all this, let’s draw a dinosaur”. So I did. Specifically, I decided to draw a deinonychus because A) velociraptors are fun but they …

The 'Batmobile' arrives for the European Premiere of The Dark Knight in Leicester Square in central London July 21 2008.REUTERS/Toby Melville
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Batman and Copyright

Want your very own Batmobile?  Don’t we all.  But you won’t be buying one from Gotham Garage any time soon.  The 9th circuit court of appeals recently ruled that their replica Batmobiles where in violation of Time Warner’s copyright. Mark Towle of Gotham Garage and his lawyers argued that cars, …

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Teacup and Friend

Ok so this post is going to be very short I’m afraid, as this week rather got away from me. Also, the below was very nearly a painting of a cup that had once had tea in it due to technical difficulties that required me to restart my computer a …


What I Drew At CONvergence

I was at CONvergence last weekend, and as I always do at conventions I filled several sketchbook pages while listening to panels. These are basically the artistic equivalent of fidgeting, so I don’t have a ton to say about the individual drawings except to point out that they are an …

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Making a book

I’ve always wanted to make a picture book, but I’ve never quite come up with a story that I liked enough to commit to. Last December a drawing out of my sketchbook that I posted on twitter sparked a back and forth between myself and Treelobsters, and he ended up …

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Sunflowers, Suffragists, and Artistic Development in Children

To pay the bills, I work as support staff in an Early Childhood Education Centre. I’m lucky in that I very much enjoy this job, especially when I get to design art activities for the children. Earlier this year, my preschool class planted some sunflowers outside in our garden. All …

Skeleton of a Two-Headed Cow
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Freakshow and Tell Posters

A year or so ago, MAL’s Beth introduced our local skeptics group to Thom Britton and his show, Freakshow and Tell. That night during his show, he asked me to stand on his head while he was lying on a pile of broken glass. Not the absolute weirdest way I’ve …