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The (Un)Censorship Project

Introducing the (Un)censorship Project!   This post, including the digital imagery, was created by Skepchick, Melanie. It was originally posted over on Skepchick but we feel that it truly qualifies as art and should get its 15 minutes over here in the Lab too. In fact, it might even fit …

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Gruss Vom Krampus!

I have an annual tradition of creating a new Krampus Christmas card every year and thought our readers here might enjoy this festive image.

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The Brain Gallery Project

The fabulous Jennifer Ouellette just tweeted about an interested project that combines art, science, sense of self and you guessed it, brains. The Brain Gallery Project is part of the Brain Observatory at UC San Diego and is interested in “how people picture their mind.” The Brain Gallery Project has …

The Coming Out Photo
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An Introduction and Part I of The Iron Chariot

I contemplated my first Mad Art Lab post for a while before putting it up. This is going to be the first in a series of posts centered around photography and the Secular Movement. Specifically, they are going to be posts about photos that I feel represent my experiences in …

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Art Inquisition: Beautiful Code?

Okay, monkeys, this one’s for you. I often hear the phrase “beautiful code,” but I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever known quite what beautiful means in that context. I’ve seen some beautiful results, is that what beautiful code means? Some might argue that code is simply a means to an end, like …

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Art Inquisition: Plays Big, Packs Flat?

To much fanfare and nerd-squee, Apple (finally) announced their new toys yesterday. It just got real, folks. We’ve got a sale date for hardware, a download date for iOS 7, and I’m kinda sitting here going “eh.” Am I missing something? Did I miss the kool-aid handout day? Or do …

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“Sufficiently Funded” or “How I Waited Too Long to Write This”

Here’s the thing folks: Mad Art Lab contributor, Maki, has had a Hell of a Year. In addition to almost being beard-napped by angry space gnomes (long story), he was a contestant and FINALIST on Penny Arcade’s reality web-series Stripsearch!, where he battled 11 other contestants (to the death? Wait …

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Illustrated Anatomy: Third Edition

We’re sticking close to home with today’s edition of Illustrated Anatomy and telling the story of a new tattoo on my arm, designed by my fellow contributor Brian G! As I was falling asleep one foggy San Francisco night last July, I was thinking about a particularly inspirational quote from …