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“Sufficiently Funded” or “How I Waited Too Long to Write This”

Here’s the thing folks: Mad Art Lab contributor, Maki, has had a Hell of a Year. In addition to almost being beard-napped by angry space gnomes (long story), he was a contestant and FINALIST on Penny Arcade’s reality web-series Stripsearch!, where he battled 11 other contestants (to the death? Wait …

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Illustrated Anatomy: Third Edition

We’re sticking close to home with today’s edition of Illustrated Anatomy and telling the story of a new tattoo on my arm, designed by my fellow contributor Brian G! As I was falling asleep one foggy San Francisco night last July, I was thinking about a particularly inspirational quote from …

Flying Trilobite
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Interview With Your Pal, Glendon Mellow

Imagine a chat show where a group of biologists gather and interview cool people. Cool people like scientists, science communicators, artists and so on. Now imagine that this group of biologists interviewed your pal Glendon Mellow – artist and scientific illustrator extraordinaire. Guess what? You don’t have to imagine it …

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Bare Paint: Conductive Paint

Bare Paint is the result of collaboration between artists and engineers at the Royal College of Art in London. While the idea of conductive paint is not new, this product is the first meant for home users and is non-toxic and easy to use. With it, you can turn pretty …

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Welcome Home, Chris Hadfield!

Internet sensation and musical astronaut Chris Hadfield has returned safely to terra firma and we’re absolutely elated to have him back.

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I’ve got Moxie

…a small share of it, anyway. Picked it up by osmosis at the fantabulous MoxieCon, the second of its kind, put on by the wondrous women of Quite Strong. Good lord, this is how I keep working. I get so dragged down with endless images pasted into Word files, last-minute …

Pineapple Maki
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Stripsearch! (or, Where Has Maki Been?)

Maki Naro has been with The Lab since the very beginning. He’s written great articles. He has a wonderful webcomic. And perhaps most importantly, he is the caretaker of a magnificent beard. But do you know what else he has? You guessed it! A starring role on Penny Arcade’s reality …

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Preparing For a Body Positive Summer

The weather has been warming and it has me thinking about the ever impending booty short season and how I can stay body positive and embrace my curves.