4 reasons to have a MAD laser love affair.

3D printers are the hot new technology all over the news.  But so far home 3D printers haven’t lived up to the Star Trek replicator hype.  Many of the early companies are struggling as consumers realize 3D printers have severe limitations such as complicated software, slow speed, and a small …


Respect the Wood: When Pinterest Goes Well

There were a good couple of years between when I first saw Pinterest and when I finally made an account. It seemed smug and precious, and my friend who was planning a wedding described how addictive and demoralizing it can be to see other people’s immaculately crafted and “curated” wedding …


Show Us Your Ugly Things: Pattern Matching Edition

A while back I got obsessed with pattern matching in corsetry — how to have a pattern planned out to move, er, seamlessly between seams. Between that, and quite a bit of beautiful blue and brown brocade, I thought I could pattern-match myself up a phenomenal dress. Just about nothing …

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Mad Art Cast: David Nguyen Interview (and get your flu shot!)

Your intrepid co-hosts chat about the new flu vaccine and why you should get yours, plus A brings us another cool interview from Dragon*Con 2015 back in September. This interview is with graphic designer David Nguyen who works for HiRez Studios, who make the popular video game Smite. SHOW NOTES: …


Company Makes Awesome Swiss-Army Hair Clip, Also Makes Shittier Ladies’ Version

I’m not a huge shopper. I generally dislike spending money on non-essential things. But I’ll tell you that the one way you can turn this girl from a disinterested spendthrift into a drooling, drop-everything, “I don’t need that money for groceries, right?” shopper is if the item in question is …


What The Heck is a Flame Test?

What is a flame test you ask? Well for one thing it is a series of paintings in progress that I am working on this month for my Patreon supported science and art project. But the real-deal is that the flame test is a fascination and eye catching technique used …


American Girl Magazines from the Swingin’ Sixties

My sister and I flew home to California this past weekend for my grandmother’s memorial service. My family organized the whole thing, and one thing I’ve learned from the experience is that to do a memorial properly, you need tons of photos of your loved one: there are obituaries and …


Hi I’m New!

My name is Julianne Harnish. I am an artist, an atheist, a feminist, and a skeptic. I shall be posting things of interest for you all in the near future, but first I’d like to show you this scrap of paper that’s been sitting in my desk drawer for several …