Berlin’s #boycottairbnb Targets Tourists and Rising Rents

The latest in a string of cities with grassroots movements against the adverse effects of online property rental services, some Berlin residents have hitched up to the #boycottairbnb wagon in a rather noticeable way. Over the last week, advertisements have been pasted on walls and over other ads throughout Berlin in …


The Makers’ Hustle

I made a thing! A thing FOR a thing, really. Amy’s been working on a new podcast called the Makers’ Hustle, and was ready to get it out there FAST. So the thing I made was cover art for a podcast that, at the time, had no episodes, a bare-bones website, and …

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Is #TrumpPence Trolling, or Being Trolled?

SCENE: a marketing meeting at Trump 2016 HQ/secret lair Director: Okay, folks, I know the big guy said he was gonna postpone the VP announcement because of that whole Nice, thing, but he’s gone ahead and done it anyway. Whatever you’ve got for a Trump/Pence ’16 logo, he wants six to choose …

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The Doomsday Clock

It’s three minutes to midnight. That’s what it says on the clock graphic of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists web site. That iconic image known as the Doomsday Clock is meant to be an indicator of the current level of some of the existential threats facing humanity. The Bulletin …


Is Custom Clothing the Future?

A few months ago Mad Art Lab quickies mentioned the 3D printed Petal dress shown above. It is really cool.  REALLY cool. But as anyone who has ever worn sequins can attest, it is probably impractical.  How do you sit down?  On the petals?  Not comfortable. The company behind the Petal dress, Nervous …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #55 — Ontological Design

We get deep in this week’s episode of Mad Art Cast and dive into the concept of ontological design — basically, the idea that everything we design also designs us. Strap in and hold on, ’cause this one might make your brain hurt. Ontological designing by Anne-Marie Willis (requires a …


4 reasons to have a MAD laser love affair.

3D printers are the hot new technology all over the news.  But so far home 3D printers haven’t lived up to the Star Trek replicator hype.  Many of the early companies are struggling as consumers realize 3D printers have severe limitations such as complicated software, slow speed, and a small …


Respect the Wood: When Pinterest Goes Well

There were a good couple of years between when I first saw Pinterest and when I finally made an account. It seemed smug and precious, and my friend who was planning a wedding described how addictive and demoralizing it can be to see other people’s immaculately crafted and “curated” wedding …