beginnings of a shinguard for an armor costume made of foam, with tools on a wood table
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WIP Weekend: Samus’ Varia Suit from Metroid

Okay, so this isn’t my own WIP, but I’ve been watching the progress of this amazing costume and it’s too good to keep hidden until CONvergence. My friend Danielle Price is building Samus Aran’s Varia Suit from the Metroid series of video games. It’s a significant undertaking, in the works for …

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WIP Weekend – Fun With Epoxy

I am gearing up for the jewelry show season for Lumen Electronic Jewelry.  And one of my favorite parts of creating jewelry is sealing them in epoxy.  Sure most of the steps are fun, but this second to last step is where the circuit boards start to look like jewels, …

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Hyperbolic Crochet

I never took any of the classes in the excellent fiber department at my art school. Maybe I thought it was too 2-dimensional or sedentary or too old fashioned. Visions of acres of granny yarn projects may have turned me off.  I bitterly regret it, because now I know that …


LED all the things! Paper Tardis Edition

Following up on my recent post LED All The Things! you can make this cool LED Tardis with conductive tape.  Its super fun and only took about 20 minutes. I received my materials from Brown Dog Gadgets.  FYI I work for them part time, you can also find conductive tape …

Lumecluster armour

Is the Future of Cosplay 3D Printed?

Felicia day, radiant empress of a dork empire, recently posted a video about some rather spectacular armour designed by Melissa Ng at Lumecluster. Check out her blog. It details the incredible work that went into it as well as the entire process. I’m starting to see this more and more, and I …


Armouring for Cosplay 10 – Connecting to Clothing

This week we finish making our pauldron and attach it to some clothing.


How to Make a Princess from Scratch

About this time last year, I started making a Princess Zelda costume. Last week, I wrote a bit about the mistakes I made along the way. This week, I’ll tell you about the successes. My goal was to replicate Princess Zelda from Twilight princess as closely as possible. Part of …


Armouring for Cosplay 9 – Strap it Up

This week we’re connecting the metal bits together using a flexible leather hinge system. As always, the first video is abbreviated and the second is full length.