The Billion Roads From Here to There: The Graph Theory Combinatorics of Fan Chung (Women in Science 63)

“Well, some go this way, some go that way.  But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut.” – The Cheshire Cat   Every morning we wake to a deafening barrage of choice, decisions that crackle and branch to more choices and more decisions that daunt enumeration.  How can …


NHST – Time Turner

How Prisoner of Azkaban should have ended.

ComicFeaturedWork in Progress

WIP Weekend – Comic Work

Hi, Ethan here. This weekend I’m working on sketching and laying out some new pages of my comic Black Mudpuppy. One thing you might not expect, is I tend to work very loosely at this stage. Most people are little more than stick figures with some hints at what I …


From ATP to MRI: Mildred Cohn’s Pioneering Work in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Women in Science 62)

ATP is the stuff of life.  Without it, cell communication shuts down, muscles freeze, and anything requiring ready energy (which is to say, darn near everything) stops.  For biologists, it’s a critically important molecule to understand, but most of its secrets remained locked up until one person, who was very …


A Bay of Botany: Alice Eastwood’s Nine Decades and Three Hundred Thousand Specimens. (Women in Science 61)

April 18, 1906, and Alice Eastwood’s lunch bag hangs casually from a mastodon’s tusk while outside, a proud city burns.  It’s the morning of the great San Francisco earthquake and Eastwood’s first response is not to secure the protection of her own home and valuables, but to run to the …

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Mad Art Cast with Special Guest Geek a Week Artist, Len Peralta

Welcome to episode #49 of Mad Art Cast! This week we bring you the master of geekery, speed drawing, monsters and the illustrator of the famed Geek A Week project, the brilliant, Mr Len Peralta! Len joins joins the gang to discuss staying fit, staying creative, geek culture, how artists …