The Mad Art Lab Secular Christmas Playlist, 2015 Edition

It’s hard to be an atheist at Christmas. God and Jesus are mentioned at every turn, and there are memes everywhere made by snotty Christians asking why atheists celebrate the holiday (answer: because we grew up with it, because it’s as good a time as any to spend time with …


Parking Space Atheists

Nearly two weeks ago, atheist Craig Hicks shot and killed, execution style, three of his Muslim neighbors in Chapel Hill, NC. Soon after, screenshots of his Facebook page and extremely anti-theistic remarks surfaced (most ironically, a cover photo generalizing that religion kills people). Richard Dawkins and Reddit rushed to Hicks’ defense. His …

Atheist Christmas

The Mad Art Lab Secular Christmas Playlist, 2014 Version

It can be awkward to be a nonbeliever during the Christmas season. That’s why last year, we gave you a Spotify playlist full of Christmas songs that were totally free of gods, baby gods, mothers of gods, donkeys of gods, stars that gods supposedly put up in the sky to …


Quiet Company is Releasing a New Album

Quiet Company, an Austin band most famous for their 2011 album We Are All Where We Belong — which has been described as lead singer Taylor Muse’s breakup letter to God — makes frequent appearances here on the Lab. We’ve featured a tune of theirs in a lab track, I …

Elizabeth inside Hangar 1

The Best Neil deGrasse Tyson Intro Ever!

One week ago today at Apostacon in Omaha, Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke to a skeptic/atheist convention, a rarity for him, because, as he said that night, skeptics don’t need him to be a science communicator. His talk was typical Tyson, expansive, varying in subject, entertaining and engaging. The audience was …

shoes ok
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A Woman’s Room Online

[Trigger warning for images based on threats and harassment] Originally posted on Skepchick. Get your black dresses- and your reading glasses out. There is an art show a comin’ to town! For the past month I, along with the help of LAWAAG have been building an art exhibit called, A …

Quillied Dandelion
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Quilling: Infused with Sexism and Religiosity

Quilling is a paper craft or art form that uses strips of paper to create shapes, create images, fill in areas, and create decoration.  Generally the shapes are rolled around something small (like a toothpick) or pill bottle, or woven using something like a comb.  While there are other options, …

Take Me to Church
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Lab Track: Take Me to Church

While at first glance the title of this week’s Lab Track might suggest that our readership is the wrong audience for this song, trust me when I say that we’re exactly right. “Take Me To Church” is a soulful, moving track by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier about sex, religion, and defying …