Just a Few Days Away From #NewHorizons Pluto Flyby!

This is an exciting time for space travel because for the first time in history a spacecraft will have traveled from Earth all the way to Pluto and will be sending us back data and images of our most beloved dwarf planet from super-duper close up!     If you are …

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Computing Venus: The Astronomy of Maria Mitchell (Women in Science 38)

In the early nineteenth century nothing about the island of Nantucket made sense. It was simultaneously a hotbed of Quakerism and of the notoriously bawdy and violent whaling industry, a deeply conservative and god-fearing community that was at the same time at the fore-front of gender equality in education and …

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New Horizons – A Painting about a Spacecraft

This painting marks a point in time, when for the first time, a spacecraft sent from Earth traveled all the way to Pluto and the Kuiper belt. That text, along with some other cool facts that were looked over and recommended by my science adviser on this project, The Bad …

Mad Art CAst and coffee
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Mad Art Cast and Espresso

Coffee. It is arguably one of the most important elements in art. For centuries visual artists and other creators have gathered around chocolatey brown cups of the invigorating beverage to help them find inspiration and help them get through those long nights when deadlines loom. Writers, painters, dancers, actors, all forms …

ISSpresso Machine

Italy is Sending an Espresso Machine to the ISS

This afternoon, SpaceX is launching its Dragon V2 spacecraft to deliver 4,300 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station. Among the scientific experiments and testing tools is one very large, very odd item: an Italian espresso maker, adorably dubbed “ISSpresso.” It might seem odd to send something so purely …

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Radio Astronomers are LOOKING not Listening to the Cosmos

Support more of my science and art projects like this one on my Patreon. One of the myths about the science of radio astronomy is that scientists are listening to the cosmos in hopes of finding alien life. This myth has become part of popular culture primarily because of the …

Iron Horse Bluegrass
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Lab Track: Rocketman by Iron Horse

In general, I tend to shy away from old classics as Lab Tracks in favor of new science-themed songs that few people know about, just because I like introducing people to new songs and artists. It’s not to say old classics aren’t just as worthy of having their own feature; …

Every Age
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Lab Track: Every Age

Today’s Lab Track comes via the suggestion of Skepchick writer Jamie Bernstein, and it’s sure to give you chills. (Hey, did you know chills are associated with dopamine activity in the brain’s reward system? I wrote about that a few years ago.) The video is also very timely, what with …