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AI: Show Us Your Goods

With the recent upgrade of our commenting system comes a pretty fantastic opportunity. You, dear reader, can now log in using any number of programs including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Steam & OpenID. But even better, you can now post images in the comments. We can have …

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Mad Quickies 2.15

Our fearless leader, Surly Amy, and the awesome Raven are featured in this post about sciencey jewels at Science Friday. Rock on! The 16 Best Science Visualizations of 2011 {via Nick M.} Néle Acevedo and and an interview with the artist about Melting Men, her new installations throughout the world. …

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AI: Sympathy for the Devil

Fiction, in general, has a rather terrible track record when it comes to skepticism. Faith, loyalty, dumb luck and genius are the virtues of fictional characters. Those stopping to ask “why” or point out that a plan is quite silly are generally berated for their lack of courage or punished …

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AI: Did your math class look like this?

Caption contest: Below the break is a baffling image. I have no idea what is going on in it or why such a scene might have been staged.  The only think I know is that the dresses are painted with mathematic iconography. Give this image a story. The format and …

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AI: Ignite Inquiry

Ignite is something of a performance art phenomenon. I was introduced to it as a sort of Tiny Ted Talk or a show and tell for grownups.  The idea is simple. You have five minute, twenty slides. They advance automatically every 15 seconds. Go! It’s a community building event, at …

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AI: Wii U?

The next Nintendo Console has been announced and it’s promising all sorts of crazy including media sharing capabilities and built in art tablet capacity. Is the new Wii U opening doors for creative opportunity in game and media development or is it going to stay in the same niche that …