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Art Inquisition: Beautiful Code?

Okay, monkeys, this one’s for you. I often hear the phrase “beautiful code,” but I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever known quite what beautiful means in that context. I’ve seen some beautiful results, is that what beautiful code means? Some might argue that code is simply a means to an end, like …

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Art Inquisition: Plays Big, Packs Flat?

To much fanfare and nerd-squee, Apple (finally) announced their new toys yesterday. It just got real, folks. We’ve got a sale date for hardware, a download date for iOS 7, and I’m kinda sitting here going “eh.” Am I missing something? Did I miss the kool-aid handout day? Or do …

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Art Inquisition: How do you work best?

I can’t stand to have people watching me work. Drawing, designing, building, coding, what have you… even an idly curious “whatcha doin’?” will have me hovering over whatever I’m doing muttering preciousssssss. Unless I know EXACTLY what I’m doing, how it’s going to turn out, and what to do if …

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Art Inquisition: What inspires you?

After working long hours fighting the good fight against PowerPoint and .jpgs shoved unceremoniously into Word documents, it’s incredibly hard to come home and be inspired to hang out in front of my computer for a few more hours to make more stuff. Regardless of whether said stuff would be …

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Art Inquisition: What IS Art, anyway?

One of our local skeptics’ group members recently created a Facebook post that simply said, “I’m skeptical about art,” with a link to an article entitled “I’m Sick of Pretending: I Don’t ‘Get’ Art.” Within were a plethora of pictures depicting some of the more ridiculous art-y things he’d seen …

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Art Inquisition: Who needs art school?

I have to admit, I wanted to go to art school since one of those ridiculous middle-school aptitude tests told me that I could actually Make Money Doing Art. And going to school to learn how to do things was What One Did. And then I realized partway into my …

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Art Inquisition: Whose Art Is It, Anyway?

Kiev is celebrating the 1,025th anniversary of the baptism of Kievan Rus, the medieval kingdom that laid the Orthodox foundation for modern-day Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. One of its museums, the Mystetskyi Arsenal, had collected the works of 1,000  artists from 35 different museums in a pan-Ukrainian Arts Project called Great and Grand. The general …

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AI: Give your money to whomever you like on Kickstarter

My fellow contributor Seelix shared an article with us this morning called “Stop Giving Your Money to Rich People on Kickstarter” in which the author criticizes a) people who contribute to Kickstarter campaigns like those for the recent Veronica Mars movie and now Zach Braff’s new film, b) people like Zach …