Art Inquisition: Who Will You Be Today?

Art Inquisition: Who Will You Be Today?

Hey, everyone! I’m literally writing this in the car on my way to CONvergence with Ashley, and I’m super-excited to see everyone. And their costumes! There are always really creative people at CONvergence, and that means fantastic costumes. I’ve got a few riding in my suitcase right now… And like many costumers heading to a con, they’re in varying stages of readiness.... »

Image by David Baird and licensed for reuse CC BY-SA 2.0

Art Inquisition: Is Climate Change a Bummer?

Amid the hubbub of their grand opening, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science lost part of one of their displays. On climate change. And their grand opening was in 2012. The still-missing panel, titled “Changing Climate,” states that “Volcanic eruptions and burning fossil fuels increase the amount of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. This warms the Earth and can caus... »

Art Inquisition: What Art You Doing This Summer?

Art Inquisition: What Art You Doing This Summer?

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here in Chicago we might actually be starting to get into summer. Which means FESTIVALS! Art and bacon and crafting and dancing and eating and food trucks and all the great, distracting things that make summer hoppin’. I’m lucky enough to live somewhere that I can pick and choose what I want to get out to see, knowing that ther... »

Featured image: Flickr user fresh888 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Art Inquisition: Separation of Art and Artist

TW: sexual assault. (This is the part where I add some words to make sure the really awful ones don’t show up in the post preview. Here, watch this awesome non-sequitur video of Neil deGrasse Tyson dancing first. Go grab a snack or a comfortable pillow to punch.) A few weeks ago, street artist David Choe (who I’d never heard of until this incident) may or may not have admitted on his p... »

A shadow on a brick wall with a window (photo: Beth Voigt)

Art Inquisition: Do you want to be alone?

Do artists need to be wild? Agonized? Tortured? Living fast and dying young? Starving? Substance-enhanced? In a recent By Heart series in the Atlantic, Danish writer Dorthe Nors posited that Ingmar Bergman, in his solitude and reclusiveness, had the right of it in his last few decades of life. Rather than living the wild artist’s cliche, his artistic discipline was committed to a routine tha... »

Photo of a dragon at the 2013 Chinese New Year Parade in Chicago

Art Inquisition: Do You Give Your Art Away for Free?

Hey Mad Art Lab! I’m Jamie. I usually write over at Skepchick Prime about statistics and politics and stuff like that, but I recently had a bit of an art quandary and Amy invited me to write a guest post about it over here at the cool kids’ corner of the Skepchick Network. As some of you may know, when I’m not spending my time playing with numbers or dating Jon Hamm*, I am taking photos. I’ve only... »

Earphones in a Lightbox, logos removed and isolated. From carloszk on

Art Inquisition: What’s That Sound?

While the word “multimedia” may make you think of grade-school dioramas or terrible auto-play anything on inconsiderate websites, it can be used by those unfamiliar with art not in frames as a sort of catch-all phrase for any non-traditional art. Music they understand. Paintings, sure. Sculpture can toe the line, depending on how representational it is. And mention the word “inst... »

circuit board, from a_kartha on

Art Inquisition: What do you want to know?

So much time, so little to do! Being all versatile and multifaceted is hard, y0. I have too many interests and not enough time to pursue them and work and eat and sleep. And occasionally consider having a social life that involves more than falling asleep immediately after ordering from GrubHub. I’m falling behind, slacking, getting rusty. Which is extra dangerous given my interest in comput... »

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