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That time we went to NASA

This past weekend, Nasa Ames had an open house to celebrate their 75th anniversary — something that hasn’t happened in 17 years. It was amazing, and some of you probably couldn’t make it on account of not being in the bay area (or not being up all night the night …


Molecular Gastronomy: Play with your food!

This post is based on a Sandbox interactive session I ran as a part of the SkepchickCON track at CONvergence 2014. There were so many people excited to try their hand at molecular gastronomy that we couldn’t fit everybody in. I also performed this demo at Science, Neat: CHOMP in …

Bubble Universe Cocktail

The Science of Bubbles + Bubble Universe Cocktail

This post is based on a demonstration I gave in the Skepchick Space Lab at CONvergence 2014 on the science of bubbles. If you saw the demo and came to check out the blog, welcome! (My post about the molecular gastronomy Sandbox will be up next week!) Below is a …

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Build an Art Machine for the SciFri Science Club!

The public radio program Science Friday recently announced an awesome new feature: Science Club! Inspired by a book club, where everyone reads the same book and then comes together to discuss, the Science Club asks everyone to go away and do the same science project and share the results with …

Pink Mounting, El Diablo, and Scofflaw at Anvil Bar & Refuge

Auction: Custom Cocktail by Mixologist Anne Sauer

Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. Anne Sauer’s custom cocktail is back! This very popular item already has bids, so get yours in or put it on your watch list for Sunday, March 30, 9:00pm EDT, when the auction ends. For those not familiar with this bit of personalized deliciousness, the auction …

Galaxy NGC 60 Painting by Raven Vasquez

Mad Art Lab Live-Tweet Event: The Cosmos

In an effort to prove that live-tweeting exists for reasons other than snark, your Mad Art Labbers have decided to partake in a live-tweet event of something we’re actually excited for – the reboot of The Cosmos! Full disclosure, there will probably still be snark, but if you’d like to …

"Be Mine?" valentine - muscly man with drawn-on flowery hair (by Lauren)
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MAL-entine’s Day is coming!

I don’t want to alarm anyone but VALENTINE’S DAY IS THIS FRIDAY. If you don’t have all your proper v-day accoutrements and hoity-toitily overwrought micro-tapas gastro-chic reservations prepared already, you’re either SOL or you care about v-day just as much as I do (read: not a whit). However, if this …

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Community Beer Company Art & Booze Events

Portland, Oregon may be the paragon of craft beer, but the Dallas-Fort Worth area isn’t doing too shabby either. With at least 10 active craft breweries in the area (and more on the way!), it’s easy to find a brew to suit your needs and a brewery to drink it …