Coal in the Water

On Thursday, Trump signed a bill allowing coal companies to dump waste from coal mines into streams. This is an illustration of how I feel about it. I don’t understand how some people can care so little about the environment, that we live in, that we need in order to …

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No to Deportation Police! ¡NO a la Migra!

Want to stand up for the people who are being targeted for unfair deportation in the USA? My good friend from Texas, Courtney, asked me if I would make these two signs. One is in “Spanglish” and one in full Spanish. “Migra” means “immigration police” and if you are in …


The Importance of Buying Stuff

So let’s talk commerce as resistance. Nordstrom, famous rocks and clothes store, has dropped the brand of Ivanka Trump, and come under fire from President Trump for it. To the point where Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway gave Ivanka a free commercial from the White House briefing room, and Press Secretary …

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The big news right now is the leaks coming out of the White House about the Russian connection with the Trump administration. We have all known there was some sort of connection, since it was confirmed that Russia was involved in hacking our election with the intent of promoting Trump …


Dakota Pipeline

I’m trying to keep a visual journal of things happening in America as we slip deeper into a racist and fascist takeover and I think few things speak as loudly as what has happened at the Dakota Access Pipeline site in North Dakota. Obama attempted to protect the native land …


Resist; Persist

Last Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell made a comment that turned what would have otherwise been a relatively commonplace occurrence in Senate into a catalyzing event, and provided a rallying cry to re-energize the resistance. The subject of the comment was Senator Elizabeth Warren. She had the temerity to read aloud …


Nevertheless, She Persisted

If you watch or read the news you probably heard that Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the senate floor last night when she simply tried to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist from the 1960’s, and widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. Senator Warren …

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Silence Supports the Oppressor

This is a friendly reminder that if you see unjust things happening in the world, standing by silently may seem like a rational and pacifist option but that is not the case. Many people are either uninformed, in fear or unable to speak up to leaders or those in power. …