Two plates full of cookies

The Great Presidential Spouse Cookie Bake-Off

Every four years in the United States is a presidential election year, and more importantly, it’s a presidential candidate spouse cookie bake-off year. You see, every presidential election year since 1992 each spouse of a presidential candidate submits a cookie recipe to Family Circle magazine. Subscribers to the magazine then …

jack and julia drinking on a wine date

Cat Wine Tasting: It Happened to Us

This post was a collaboration between Julia Burke and Jamie Bernstein Have you ever sipped wine while stroking your cat and thought to yourself, “I wish my cat could share this wine with me?” No? File this one under “potential signs of the Apocalypse” or “stuff white people like,” but …

Photo of a dragon at the 2013 Chinese New Year Parade in Chicago
AIArt InquisitionPhotography

Art Inquisition: Do You Give Your Art Away for Free?

Hey Mad Art Lab! I’m Jamie. I usually write over at Skepchick Prime about statistics and politics and stuff like that, but I recently had a bit of an art quandary and Amy invited me to write a guest post about it over here at the cool kids’ corner of the …