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smallest sculpture, a human figure standing on a strand of hair

Mad Quickies: The Smallest Sculptures Ever Created, Cymatics, Walls of Snow and More!

Hey gang, take my hand and come on a magical Art and Science journey with me. It’s not actually magic but it may as well be. Okay let’s start with the coolest thing. Cymatics is the study of visible sound via vibration. It is also the title of a ridiculously wonderful music video by Nigel Stanford that demonstrates the phenomenon in many different ways. I could watch this all day. I... »

Painting of a Voltron Lion amongst the Mountains

Mad Quickies: Orgasms, Thrift Store Paintings, Enormous Sunspots and More!

It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies! I’m gathering links for you while listening to the new Ex Hex album and drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, so everything is pretty great actually. Our pals at CosmoQuest are offering online classes including an “Astronomy in Literature” class being co-taught by astronomers and a poet! – Via Nicole Okay this one blew us at The ... »

self portrait by molly crabapple

Mad Quickies: Molly Crabapple’s Rules For Artistic Success, Life-Sized T Rex For Sale, Exploding Meteorites Captured On Video and More!

Hey gang. As of this writing, the election results are not yet in. So I’m just gonna keep on like everything is fine. You’re reading this on Wednesday morning, so whatever your political persuasion, these Quickies are here to comfort you and make you feel good and have faith in humanity. This one is a must. Read it. Internalize it. A Lab favorite – badass artist extraordinaire, M... »

Mad Quickies: Stormscapes, Stitched Cat-calls, Dale Writes a Book and Way More!

Mad Quickies: Stormscapes, Stitched Cat-calls, Dale Writes a Book and Way More!

Ahoy! It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. I’ve cobbled together some really great things and stuff for you all today. There is one Halloween-related link. If this were Friday, you can bet they’d all be Halloween links. Mad Art Lab’s own Dale DeBakcsy has written a book! Godless Nerdistry: Or How to be a Bag of Chemicals and Still Have Fun, about the intersection of human... »

popsicles shaped like pathogens

Mad Quickies: Dangerous Popsicles, Defacing National Parks, Marble Harvesting and More!

We did it! We made it thru the week to another Friday. Another Friday full of interesting stories, beautiful art and popsicles shaped like deadly pathogens. That’s how we roll. If you earn a living making art, you’re probably white. – Via Courtney Our pal Sarah Hamilton‘s “Feminist As Fuck” shirts – A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Natio... »

ceramic shard sculpture

Mad Quickies: Life-Sized Scrap Metal Hulk, Utopian Optical Illusion, Guys On Tinder Posing With Art and Much More!

Hey art nerds! It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. This time I’m actually doing laundry *while* I do the write-up. I have to go back to the laundromat in 15, so let’s get moving! You know those heart-shaped lockets where each person can take half of the heart and be in a long distance relationship but also in love? (that’s what they’re for, right?) Well, what if su... »

The Mona Lisa with Rowan Atkinson Instead

Mad Quickies: Rowan Atkinson In Famous Paintings, Printable Makeup, Inktober and More, More, More!

Well hello there. It’s time for the Wednesday Quickies and I can’t wait to share these links with you. Yes. You, Devin. It’s that time of year again. It’s time for Inktober! Do a drawing every day and post it with the hashtag #inktober. Here’s what’s on offer at Twitter. I’m so jealous of artist Nunzio Paci’s artwork. It blends nature with anatomy. L... »

3 different versions of a noble woman holding an ermine

Mad Quickies: Peeling Back the Layers of a Painting With Science, Paint-Oozing Sculptures, The Dark Side of Lego and way, WAY more!

Oh, hi there. I just want you to know that I’ve put off doing the dishes (and laundry) to bring you today’s Quickies. Guess what? Worth it. This is so beyond cool and fascinating – New technology can reveal the layers of a painting as if peeling an onion. Example: Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With an Ermine. Da Vinci apparently changed his mind over and over and now we can see ... »

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