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Street art, high-wire act

Mad Quickies: Objects Sanded Down in Stop-Motion, Paintings on Books, Lego Boba Fett Costume and More!

Hello, dear readers. It’s time for your Monday Quickies. Here at Mad Art Lab, we LOVE the art and design site Colossal. So here’s a nice smattering of recent highlights from them. There’s also a couple from i09 that I couldn’t resist throwing in. I hope your week doesn’t suck. This is officially my new favorite thing: Objects that are sanded down, layer by layer, whil... »

Lord of The Rings themed Subway Service Notice

Mad Quickies: Photographic Hoaxes, Mount Doom Subway Stop, The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas and More!

Well here we are. It’s Friday again. Before you begin staring at the clock, counting the minutes til your weekend begins, stare at these Quickies that I’ve assembled. Just for you. Yes. You, Frank. “My work – I wouldn’t want to be pretentious – is pedagogic. It’s a pedagogy of doubt, protecting us from the disease of manipulation.” The photographic hoaxes of pho... »

Skepchick network contributors dressed as characters from Orange Is The New Black at Convergence

Mad Quickies: MAL and Skepchick at CONvergence, World’s Oldest Erotic Graffiti, Photo Paper Exposed to Fireworks and More!

It’s Monday and there’s nothing I can do about that. But I can treat you to some fantastic things I’ve stumbled across over the weekend. Because I love you. This past weekend was CONvergence which means it was also SkepchickCON! A whole bunch of Lab writers and Skepchicks were there and The Escapist has some coverage, including two fabulous cosplay slideshows, here and here, feat... »

Chocolate Skulls

Mad Quickies: 10 Years of Cassini, Edible Chocolate Skulls, Abandoned Malls and more!

Hey gang. Here’s your Wednesday Quickies. I stayed up all night baking them from scratch. Oh the things I do for you. We’ve had new science and amazing images from the Cassini probe, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in orbit around Saturn. (bonus video below) These skulls look delicious and I want to eat one (all) of them very badly. Would it be morbid of me to want to ... »

Two people being impaled by a geometric shape in an illusion

Mad Quickies: People Skewered by Geometry, Rejected Disney Princesses, Making Ants-on-a-Log with David Yow and More!

Hey gang! It’s your old pal Brian here to give you your mid-week dose of Quickies. Dig it. I wish I had thought of this. Porcelain fighting figurines photographed at the moment of impact. – via Amy I am all for the Mural-i-zation of Everything. Hidden artwork in a disused stairwell. -also via Amy Here are the princesses that didn’t make the cut at Disney. Not too surprising consi... »

Hawks and Hawk-faced Men

Mad Quickies: New OK Go Video, Google Street Art Project, Frida Kahlo’s Garden and More!

It starting to get pretty warm out, my friends. Keep cool with these hand-picked Quickies. Also Lemonade or beer or whiskey on the rocks. Whatever you like, really. OK Go has a new video and it’s FULL of optical illusions. Such a fun and amazing video. Ever wish you could explore the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in pixel form? Now you can! Photographer Dan Bannino takes fad diets and presents t... »

This person says no

Mad Quickies: Turing Tests, Charcoal Columns, Game of Thrones Prosthetics and more

You’ve made it to the middle of the week. Congratulations! Have some Quickies. You’ve heard about about the chatbot that passed the Turing Test, right? Well it didn’t. Lab alum Maki Naro has the scoop in comic form. Here’s a great resource: Digital artists share their brushes. I’ve downloaded several of these sets. From the Adorable But WTF files comes this Northern W... »

This Is What Happens When I Avoid Doing Work

This Is What Happens When I Avoid Doing Work

I wake up early on the weekends. I can’t help it. It just carries over from the work week. So I make coffee, check the news, read Twitter and make a plan for the day – I have a bunch of artwork to do, I want to clean up the apartment a bit, go food shopping, make a nice dinner, and so on. At this point my wife is probably still asleep, because It’s only 7 am or so. And I don̵... »

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