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Felt creature

Mad Quickies: Fantastical Felt Creatures, Frankenstein’s Monster, Faeries Made of Bugs and More!

Hello you. We’ve made it to Wednesday. Give yourself a round of applause, a pat on the back. Please enjoy these Quickies I’ve put together, just for you. Yes you, Barbara. Let’s start off with something wonderous – 800 wooden balls suspended from a series of motors make gorgeous forms – including waves, Fibonacci spirals and labyrinths. Video below as well. For the fi... »

Kinetic Figure

Mad Quickies: Velvet Worms Are Gross, These Fish Aren’t Real, “Science” Programs and More!

It’s Monday and I’m declaring this week a do-over for last week. Let’s try and make this one better. And to start off in that direction, I give you the Quickies. Full of beauty, levity and weirdness. Are those fish really in that bowl? No? They’re paintings made by layer upon layer of resin?! Yes! New work from Keng Lye. I wish all of David Lynch’s movies came with a ... »

Light Vortex in a red sky

Mad Quickies: Light Tornadoes, X-ray GIFs, How Lady Armor Works and More!

Hey gang, I was really jonesing for some sweets while putting together your Monday Quickies, so I’m eating some amazing double chocolate chip cookies and getting crumbs all over the keyboard. Worth it. Astoundingly gorgeous. Photographer Martin Kimbell creates images of votices, tornadoes and waves of light using a hoop filled with LEDs and a long exposure. Here is some lady armor hilarity w... »

Painted Architectural illusion

Mad Quickies: The Best GIFs I’ve Ever Seen, Two Links About Penis Art, Objects That Do Not Exist and More!

Well, we’ve made it to Wednesday and I’m feeling pretty good. I feel so good that I’ve sat down and found all the coolest links, cobbled together some more that other humans have sent in, and put them all here. I did this because you all look so nice today. Did you do something different with your hair? It really suits you. I barely know how to begin describing this. You know tho... »

soap bubble planet photograph

Mad Quickies: Cheese Curl Pareidolia, How to Have Cybersex in 1997, Soap Bubble Planets and More!

It’s Friday again and, as usual, I’ve spent the entire week searching for links to showcase the creativity of humans and certain cheese curls. Cheese curls can do all sorts of things, as you will see below. Ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper conceived of an installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies around the Tower of London in commemoration of British and colonial ... »

Caddisfly larvae encased in jeweled cocoon

Mad Quickies: Precious Metal Cocoons, Galactic Empire Propaganda, Chocolate Geometry and More!

Ahoy! It’s time to get your week started off with some Quickies. I’ve spent the entire weekend scouring The Internet™ just for you. Because you are the light of my life. This is a brilliant idea, with a stunning outcome. Caddisfly larvae build temporary aquatic cocoons with whatever is lying around, using a silk they secrete to hold everything together. Artist Hubert Duprat decided to ... »

Flowers photographed in the stratosphere

Mad Quickies: The Male Gaze in Art, Flowers in Space, The Animals of Tatooine and More!

Oh, hello there. Donna is currently abroad, searching out a good location for Mad Art Lab Island. So you’re stuck with me today. But fear not! I’ve gathered some truly lovely links for you all. Because I think you’re just the fanciest folks around. Like, really super-fancy. I’m not gonna lie. After we saw this tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruits at once, we knew we... »

Lego Hubble Telescope

Mad Quickies: Cartoon Theme Songs Done Early 90s R&B Style, Lego Hubble, Anti-NSA Light Graffiti and More!

Here we are again. Listen: I’m going to make your Monday better by serving up these here links. They will make you think, gasp (GASP!) and laugh. I promise. You (YES YOU) can make a Lego Hubble Telescope a reality. Comic book maps through the ages: See a map of the Batcave from 1968. There’s a T-rex in the Trophy Room, obviously. Anti-NSA messages projected onto the US embassy in Berli... »

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