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Mad Quickies: Your One Stop, Post Xmas, Hangover Roundup

Mad Quickies: Your One Stop, Post Xmas, Hangover Roundup

Hello my dears, I’m writing to you on my mom’s old iPad, from the New Jersey Wilderness. While I don’t have any appreciable post-holiday hangover, you probably do. I saw you sneak into the bathroom with that bottle of Tito’s vodka, Carl. Anyway, please enjoy these Quickies. May they help you cure all that the vodka could not. From the Scientifically Correct Files – An... »

Mad Quickies: Female STEM Heroes; Secret History of Pigments; Bionic Pop Star; a $666,000 Bill and More!

Mad Quickies: Female STEM Heroes; Secret History of Pigments; Bionic Pop Star; a $666,000 Bill and More!

Donna had so many links stored up that she graciously loaned me some for today’s dose of Quickies. I think some of my favorite things all year are in this list, starting with… io9’s Most Amazing Science Images of 2014. You should spend a lot of time on this page. -Via Donna is featuring women of the Administration, who work in STEM, talking about their female STEM ... »

spirograph drawing

Mad Quickies: Digital Spirograph, Horrific Sex Toy Mistakes, Crosswalk Pong and Much More!

Only a few more weeks to go until this Year of Garbage is over with. But until then I have put together things that are great and wonderful and beautiful to while away the day. I will always be using this from now on. A digital spirograph by Nathan Friend. -Via Kim Here are some rad shirts and things. -Via Courtney This doesn’t seem quite possible and yet, here we are. A 3D printed dress tha... »

Christina Mrozik and Zoe Keller

Mad Quickies: Nature Makes Its Articles Free, The World at Night, Anatomy of a Gummi Bear and More!

Hey gang, it’s time for your mid-week feeding of Mad Quickies. Here comes the airplane! The journal Nature has made their articles, going all the way back to 1869, available for free! Ben Coffman is a photographer who specializes in landscape astrophotography featuring the Milky Way. These fantastic photographs show the night sky sans light pollution. Interview included! I love, love, love t... »

Jar with Squid sculpture

Mad Quickies: Behold The Fearsome Anglerfish, New Auction Record For A Female Artist, Papercraft R2-D2 Dreidel and More!

Okay everyone, it’s time to get your Monday Morning Quickies! I like to think of them as Saturday morning cartoons for adults. Did you know that those don’t even exist anymore? *sigh* Now I’m sad. A Georgia O’Keeffe painting, Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1, was sold at Sotheby’s for $44.4 million, nearly quadrupling the amount paid for work by a female artist. Quite a feat. Howev... »

smallest sculpture, a human figure standing on a strand of hair

Mad Quickies: The Smallest Sculptures Ever Created, Cymatics, Walls of Snow and More!

Hey gang, take my hand and come on a magical Art and Science journey with me. It’s not actually magic but it may as well be. Okay let’s start with the coolest thing. Cymatics is the study of visible sound via vibration. It is also the title of a ridiculously wonderful music video by Nigel Stanford that demonstrates the phenomenon in many different ways. I could watch this all day. I... »

Painting of a Voltron Lion amongst the Mountains

Mad Quickies: Orgasms, Thrift Store Paintings, Enormous Sunspots and More!

It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies! I’m gathering links for you while listening to the new Ex Hex album and drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, so everything is pretty great actually. Our pals at CosmoQuest are offering online classes including an “Astronomy in Literature” class being co-taught by astronomers and a poet! – Via Nicole Okay this one blew us at The ... »

self portrait by molly crabapple

Mad Quickies: Molly Crabapple’s Rules For Artistic Success, Life-Sized T Rex For Sale, Exploding Meteorites Captured On Video and More!

Hey gang. As of this writing, the election results are not yet in. So I’m just gonna keep on like everything is fine. You’re reading this on Wednesday morning, so whatever your political persuasion, these Quickies are here to comfort you and make you feel good and have faith in humanity. This one is a must. Read it. Internalize it. A Lab favorite – badass artist extraordinaire, M... »

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