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Balloons floating in the forest by Charles Petillion

Mad Quickies: Nirvana Trolls Buenos Aires Crowd, Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps, The Immortal Hydra and More!

You were expecting our Dearest Donna this Monday morning. But, like an unexpected substitute teacher, you have to deal with Mr. George now. So pencils down it’s time for your Monday Quickies. Artist Charles Pétillon presents Invasions. Lots of balloons piling and flowing out of places they are clearly not supposed to be. Elgin Park is a retro city. It also doesn’t exist. It’s an ... »

Hemlock tree sculpture by John Grade

Mad Quickies: 1,500 Affordable Live/Work Spaces For NYC Artists, 3D Printed Majora’s Mask, The Most Bonkers Lightbulbs Ever and More!

*lowers glasses, peers over rim* Oh, I didn’t see you there. Well, since you’re here, why don’t you pull up in front of this nice, warm fire I have built and listen to my tales… I listened to NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s State of the City address this morning. His push for more affordable housing now includes 1,500 live/work spaces for artists to be built over the next 1... »

Image of the sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory

Mad Quickies: Solar Dynamics Observatory’s 100 Millionth Image of the Sun, Tiny Robotic Snowplow, Light Bulb Sculpture and More!

Well, I happily made it through the W I N T E R S T O R M. Since there was no subway service until noon-ish, I couldn’t go to work. So I spent the day drawing, like a good little artist. But I’m also putting together these Quickies for you. And for some reason, they’re weighted pretty heavily on the astronomical side. I like that and so will you. Let’s begin with something ... »

Sandstone mountains in Zhangye Danixa China

Mad Quickies: 30 Years of Censored Art, A 3D Printed Sculpture That I Can’t Explain, Multicolored Mountains in China and More!

It’s your Wednesday Quickies and damn if there aren’t some colorful things for you to look at here. Yes! Three decades of LGBTQ art that had been previously censored at museums will now be on view! “The 17 artists represent the ‘controversial’ perception of LGBTQ work over three decades, from Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs in the 1980s to the expulsion of David Won... »

Mad Quickies: Space Invaders Rugs, Unspeakably Gorgeous Libraries, Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers and More!

Mad Quickies: Space Invaders Rugs, Unspeakably Gorgeous Libraries, Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers and More!

Hey all. Brian here with your midweek Quickies. I’m not gonna lie, there’s another Bowie GIF here and it’s probably my favorite one. I’m tempted to make every link go to this GIF. But I won’t… this time. You’ve probably seen this already, but I want you to see it again. Bowie’s hairstyles, throughout the years, in one beautifully animated GIF. Retail... »

Detail from Infrared image of the pillars of creation from the hubble telescope

Mad Quickies: Charlie Brown and the Smiths, Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, 2,400 MS-DOS Games Now Available and More!

Hey gang, it’s super cold here in Brooklyn. It’s also pretty damned cold over most of the country. But I’m here to warm you up. Let’s sit on the couch with a nice whiskey or some hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and fire up these here Wednesday Quickies! Last week we had Bowie lyrics and video games. This week let’s do Smith’s lyrics invading The Peanuts. – ... »

Detail from yellow blue red by Wassily Kandinsky

Mad Quickies: Video Game/Bowie Lyrics Mashup Illustrations, New Public Domain Art, Metal Dragons and More!

Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope you have gotten past your hangovers and tiredness by now. I mean it’s been two days. Get it together. So let’s kick off 2015 with some smashing art and science! From the Elvish Sword Files – This hacked toy sword will glow, not when orcs are close, but when it’s near unsecured wifi signals. Wow! These recycled metal sculptures by Tom Sam... »

Mad Quickies: Your One Stop, Post Xmas, Hangover Roundup

Mad Quickies: Your One Stop, Post Xmas, Hangover Roundup

Hello my dears, I’m writing to you on my mom’s old iPad, from the New Jersey Wilderness. While I don’t have any appreciable post-holiday hangover, you probably do. I saw you sneak into the bathroom with that bottle of Tito’s vodka, Carl. Anyway, please enjoy these Quickies. May they help you cure all that the vodka could not. From the Scientifically Correct Files – An... »

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