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Detail of kinetic sculpture by Jennifer Townley

Mad Quickies: Kinetic Sculptures, Anamorphic Chalk Murals, Portraits of Women Artists and More!

Hey there gang. It’s been a busy week for me so far. But I’m never too busy to share some Quickies with you, Darlene. Let’s start things off right. Check out these fantastic kinetic sculptures by Jennifer Townley that use *gasp* math and science and stuff! From the artist’s statement: “The works derive from her fascination with science, with an emphasis on physics, en... »

Black Hole image made on a scanner bed by Navid Baraty

Mad Quickies: Scanner Bed Astronomy, Imaginary Street Maps, Dancing Paper Cranes and More!

I have some Mad Art Cast business to attend to (I have to watch a movie… for research), so I’m gonna cut the the chase: HERE ARE YOUR WEDNESDAY QUICKIES. You tried to do this at your office holiday party, but artist Navid Baraty has taken scanning full moons to a whole new level (get it?). He throws particular stuff on a copier bed, scans and voila! gorgeous, imaginary astronomical ima... »

Light Wave Particle

Mad Quickies: Street Art Portals, Light Wave/Particle Duality Imaged, HMS Beagle in Lego and More!

It’s been quite a crazy week here at The Lab – Our 4th birthday, the launch of our own podcast with it’s requisite Twitter and Facebook accounts, (Should we make an Ello account too?) oh and more snow. Well, at least where I am in the northeastern United States. But let’s talk Quickies. You need them and I’ve got them. Let’s start with the big news – The w... »

Birthday Rat

Happy 4th Birthday To Us!

Hello friends, readers, lovers, lurkers and other human-ish beings. Yesterday, March 1st, 2015 was our 4th birthday. And today we have declared a Monday holiday so that you can stay home from work and celebrate with us. Offices, banks and schools around the world are closed. Mail is not being delivered, garbage pickup is suspended. We have done this so that we can all enjoy each others’ comp... »

20 Euro Note by barbara bernat

Mad Quickies: Space Probes, Kooky Ceramics, Endangered Paper Archive Digitization and More!

Good morning you lovely humans. We have a lots of links to look at together. So let’s get started before the coffee wears off. Onward! You’ve probably seen the photography of Daantje Bons scattered here and there around the internet. Well here’s more, along with some of her thoughts about gender, conformity and stereotypes. (NSFW) – Via Amy I couldn’t possibly love th... »

Black Hole

Mad Quickies: A Lost Typeface, Accurate Black Holes, Space Race Music and More!

Hey kids! I come to you today from the frozen wastes of the northeast. Please, someone send a dragon. It would be super helpful. In return for the dragon, which I’m sure is on its way, I give unto you these Quickies. This one had all of us in The Lab transfixed – A 100-year-old typeface searched for and found on the bottom of the Thames. What would the Space Race sound like if it were ... »

Balloons floating in the forest by Charles Petillion

Mad Quickies: Nirvana Trolls Buenos Aires Crowd, Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps, The Immortal Hydra and More!

You were expecting our Dearest Donna this Monday morning. But, like an unexpected substitute teacher, you have to deal with Mr. George now. So pencils down it’s time for your Monday Quickies. Artist Charles Pétillon presents Invasions. Lots of balloons piling and flowing out of places they are clearly not supposed to be. Elgin Park is a retro city. It also doesn’t exist. It’s an ... »

Hemlock tree sculpture by John Grade

Mad Quickies: 1,500 Affordable Live/Work Spaces For NYC Artists, 3D Printed Majora’s Mask, The Most Bonkers Lightbulbs Ever and More!

*lowers glasses, peers over rim* Oh, I didn’t see you there. Well, since you’re here, why don’t you pull up in front of this nice, warm fire I have built and listen to my tales… I listened to NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s State of the City address this morning. His push for more affordable housing now includes 1,500 live/work spaces for artists to be built over the next 1... »

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