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popsicles shaped like pathogens

Mad Quickies: Dangerous Popsicles, Defacing National Parks, Marble Harvesting and More!

We did it! We made it thru the week to another Friday. Another Friday full of interesting stories, beautiful art and popsicles shaped like deadly pathogens. That’s how we roll. If you earn a living making art, you’re probably white. – Via Courtney Our pal Sarah Hamilton‘s “Feminist As Fuck” shirts – A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Natio... »

ceramic shard sculpture

Mad Quickies: Life-Sized Scrap Metal Hulk, Utopian Optical Illusion, Guys On Tinder Posing With Art and Much More!

Hey art nerds! It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. This time I’m actually doing laundry *while* I do the write-up. I have to go back to the laundromat in 15, so let’s get moving! You know those heart-shaped lockets where each person can take half of the heart and be in a long distance relationship but also in love? (that’s what they’re for, right?) Well, what if su... »

The Mona Lisa with Rowan Atkinson Instead

Mad Quickies: Rowan Atkinson In Famous Paintings, Printable Makeup, Inktober and More, More, More!

Well hello there. It’s time for the Wednesday Quickies and I can’t wait to share these links with you. Yes. You, Devin. It’s that time of year again. It’s time for Inktober! Do a drawing every day and post it with the hashtag #inktober. Here’s what’s on offer at Twitter. I’m so jealous of artist Nunzio Paci’s artwork. It blends nature with anatomy. L... »

3 different versions of a noble woman holding an ermine

Mad Quickies: Peeling Back the Layers of a Painting With Science, Paint-Oozing Sculptures, The Dark Side of Lego and way, WAY more!

Oh, hi there. I just want you to know that I’ve put off doing the dishes (and laundry) to bring you today’s Quickies. Guess what? Worth it. This is so beyond cool and fascinating – New technology can reveal the layers of a painting as if peeling an onion. Example: Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With an Ermine. Da Vinci apparently changed his mind over and over and now we can see ... »

Glass and steel table with elastic colored bands of prism colors

Mad Quickies: Open World Cat Video Game, Dancing Iron Filings, Behind The Scenes of Atheism and More!

Hey gang! I’ve got a really got a great bunch of links for you to check out today. Seriously, there is some true beauty and wonderment here. Over at The Nib, Matt Lubchansky reveals some of the backstage elements of organized atheism, in comic form. What if maps of cities on Earth were rendered to look like the Death Star? Seattle-based digital artist Eleanor Lutz is here to show us. This is... »

glitch photograph

Mad Quickies: Wee Little Drawings, A Clock That Saws Itself In Half, Illustrated Skateboard Tricks and More!

I love finding links for you. That’s why I put them here every week. We can enjoy them together. And then we’ll have something to talk about over dinner on Sunday. Are you still coming over? As a lover and owner of many 000 and 0000 paint brushes, I can’t tell you how happy these teeny, wee little drawings and paintings by Lorraine Loots make me. These whimsical yet functional ho... »

Color bars in earthtone hues

Mad Quickies: Pendulum Waves Made From Bowling Balls, Ancient Egyptian Art, Historical GIFs and much more!

Welcome to your Wednesday Quickies, my dears. I’ve got some really nice stuff lined up for you all, so strap in and get gone! What would your favorite film look like if it was spread out and compiled by the average frame color? The Colors of Motion answers the question you didn’t even know you had, and it’s really neat. -Via Kim You’ve probably seen a pendulum wave before. ... »

Photograph of smoke drifting

Mad Quickies: Friendship is Madness, Tiny Monsters, Papercut Anatomy and Much More!

Hey gang, Brian here with your mid-week Quickies. There’s lots of cool things and frightening things to look at, but I bid you look at them all the same. Do it for me. These are so, *so* good. Wee monsters drawn on Post-its by Don Kenn. -Via Courtney It’s all right there in the title, “Friendship Is Madness”. My Little Pony as Cthulhu. -Via Ryan Hey, um, remember that new S... »

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