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2nd Thing I Learned: Unsolicited Advice.

The second thing I noticed when we began selling art (#1 is here) is I received a LOT of advice, most of it unsolicited.  I wrote a rant about this last year. Over the years I have learned what to do with this advice. No it does not involve swearing. …


Useful or Artful?

The AxiDraw from a recent quickies brought up a question that has been rolling around in my engineer/artist brain for a while. It is a stellar example in a long line of projects that are beautiful, mesmerizing to watch, and yet I would never buy.  See this egg bot, dry …

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Food Friday: Quarks Explained With Candy

It’s got everything! Chocolate, science, and destruction.  What more could you want?  Sorry Neil Degrasse Tyson, you have stiff competition for my affections from the Physics Girl .  Thanks Quickies! Seriously, watch it. You might learn something or get hungry.  Either way its a win.  And check out the blog entry for more …


The #1 Lesson I Learned Selling Art.

I am doing a 6 part series on my Lumen Jewelry business blog about what we’ve learned selling art.  I figured Mad Art Lab readers might enjoy them too, so I am re-posting them here with permission. Here goes, the unvarnished truth. #1. Most artists are not making a living from …

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WIP Weekend – Beachy Necklace Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the beachy found object necklaces I was planning to make.  Today I am excited to share the final stone necklace I finished over the weekend. First I wrapped black wire around the ends to help hang it. Front Back.  Not the most elegant job, but it …

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WIP Weekend – Beachy Found Object Necklaces.

Last week I was in California for a vacation and industry event.  My Cali friend and I walked the beach at Crystal Cove State Park.  It was gorgeous. I know you aren’t supposed to remove shells from the beach, but I couldn’t help myself.  I mean, just look at them! …


Is Custom Clothing the Future?

A few months ago Mad Art Lab quickies mentioned the 3D printed Petal dress shown above. It is really cool.  REALLY cool. But as anyone who has ever worn sequins can attest, it is probably impractical.  How do you sit down?  On the petals?  Not comfortable. The company behind the Petal dress, Nervous …

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WIP Weekend – Fun With Epoxy

I am gearing up for the jewelry show season for Lumen Electronic Jewelry.  And one of my favorite parts of creating jewelry is sealing them in epoxy.  Sure most of the steps are fun, but this second to last step is where the circuit boards start to look like jewels, …