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Gruss vom Krampus

My mother used to love telling the story of the first time I went to sit on Santa’s lap. I was maybe 3 or 4 and we were at the mall,  I saw all these other kids walking around with crayons; precious, precious crayons. I wanted some, but my mom …


Guayule-tide Cheer

Natural rubber is used in over 40,000 different products, over 400 of which are used in the medical industry. If you have a sensitivity to latex you know there are very few decent alternatives to synthetic latex currently on the market. What you may not know is that just over …


Valley of the Paper Dolls

We have been going paper doll crazy here at M.A.L. and these are my contributions. This has been a super fun project and I hope you get as much enjoyment from these as we have. If you’re going to be at Dragon Con come by, say hello and pick some …

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Commenter of the Week Contest

We love you folks. When we wake up in the morning we don’t even get around to brushing our teeth before we’re on this site going over your comments and thinking about how much we value this community. Hearing your opinions and learning from you guys is why we’re here …


Sita Sings, Nina Rings

Nina Paley has been through a lot for her art. Like her immortal counterpart in the film Nina has weathered an unending array of obstacles, but remains steadfast and true to her calling. Her latest trial by fire comes from a small but dedicated group of Hindus who see Sita …

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Death, Art and Gratitude

Everyone dies. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Without death there would be no  evolution, no variety in life, no impetus to progress. Without death none of us would be here, but that’s not much consolation when facing our own inevitable ends.  Our brains are so powerful that emotional …


New Kid On The Blog

Well hello there! My name is Cloe and it looks like I’m going to be here as a contributor now, how cool is that? This is just my little introductory post, so you get a feel for who I am and what I’m about.  I really hate having to describe …