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Bill Nye the Paper Doll Guy

Ok, I admit, that's a terrible headline. But the paper doll isn't so terrible. Color him in, dress him up, invite some of his friends to come over and hang out. Click for larger view.


Happy Birthday, Jane Goodall!

 Here at the Lab we adore Jane Goodall. To us she represents everything that's right with humanity. Her tireless efforts to educate the public and impassion youth about the natural world has her traveling an average of 300 days a year to all corners of the globe. Her name has …

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Photorealistic Portrait of Rush Limbaugh

In response to all the mean things these femnazis are saying about my main man Rush I decided to  do a portrait to honor him and show what he’s really like on the inside. Don’t be fooled this is a drawing and not a photo, despite how epically accurate it …

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One Big Bloody Mess

I like to consider myself a refugee from the South. I was once surrounded by a lot of ideas and prejudices that I didn’t like, so I went far far away and sealed myself in a bubble of reason and creativity. I like my bubble. It’s full of artists and …


The New Symbol of Love

Here at MAL we love love, but we love pragmatic solutions to illogical social tropes even more. That’s why this Valentines Day we’re bringing you a new, more practical symbol for True Love™. Even better, we’re presenting it in the form of a poem. *Ahem*


The Softer Side of Burgess Shale

 505 million years ago strange and wonderful creatures filled the seas. Thanks to the evolution of pelagic larvae nearly every wet spot on earth was populated (mostly) by soft bodied invertebrates. The vast majority were filter feeding lay abouts, but some were real up and comers with large, hard bodies …


Giving the Milk Away

“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” When you look at the careers of modern, successful artists they seem to fall into one of two categories.  What I like to call the “fuck you pay me” crowd and the uncompromising visionary crowd.