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Where I live in Hawai’i, the recent Rapture hullabaloo didn’t get much press, and I’ve been so fascinated to catch-up on the excitement this last week during my Bay Area visit. It reminded me of a brilliant web comic made by my friend Patrick Farley years ago. You must read: Apocamon! »


In reference to my last post on a Disney science education film, reader theblackcat suggested we check out Donald in Mathemagic Land, a 1959 animation feature one of our favorite Disney cartoon characters. You can see it in 3 parts starting here: My thoughts after the break… »

Disney’s Friend Atom

A casual reference in NPR’s Morning Edition this morning piqued my curiosity about a 1956 Disney film called Our Friend the Atom. It was shown at Disneyland and in many classrooms – I hear all Baby Boomers are very familiar with this little piece of Disneyana, but it was new to me. It is an optimistic propaganda piece in support of nuclear energy, but it also clearly explains a lot of ... »

Science is Wonder-ful

Steve alerted us to the awesomeness of today’s XKCD: Read more… »

Wha? A fun movie with science? Losing Control

While not many films portray scientists in a non-stereotypical way, this trend is changing! Evidence: Losing Control, a film by scientist-turned-director Valerie Weiss. Like Valerie was, the main character, Samantha, is a science graduate student at Harvard. While the plot starts as a romantic comedy, it ends up as so much more. Delightfully, the main character’s research plays a critical ro... »

Raven, here!

Hi! I’m Raven. I am a bit slow to get started because the same day Mad Art Lab launched, my partner and I moved to an off-grid homestead, and it took a bit of time to get solar power set up and internet running… quite an adventure. But, of course, that’s not what I’m posting about here! My MAL posts will mostly focus on communicating science through art and craft. I’m surprised by the disint... »