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MadArtBot: Birth of a 3-D Printer – Part 1

BOO! Ben Franklin is scary, right? Today’s Halloween post is below this one, so be sure to check that out first. Then come back to see why Ben is looking at you disapprovingly. Back? OK! When Benjamin Franklin invented Linux in 1772, he never foresaw the stir that, once the …

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Happy Halloween from the creatures of Mad Art Lab

Doc Surly and all the creatures living [or un-living] in the Mad Art Lab say “Happy Halloweenies!” (click to embiggenify) Wallpaper (1600×1200)

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Amazing Grace

Hey, it’s Saturday! That’s when I usually attempt to claw my way off the couch and do my webcomic. But I’ve been too busy with something else. Another of my heroines in the field of computing: Grace Hopper. I can almost guarantee she will be the only one of our …


Ada Lovelace, action mathematician

We’re trying to get as many of these done for Dragon*Con as possible and the ladies were under-represented. Since I begged to have Ada Lovelace, I figured I’d better get in gear tonight before it’s too late. So I grabbed a trusty pencil instead of my Wacom tablet and scribbled …

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They saved Einstein’s brain!*

Howdy. First time poster, long-time sufferer. So, yeah. I’m Maggie McFee and I’ve neglected posting to MAL since… it seems like forever. Well, now it’s time to fix that. You’ve no doubt seen the awesome paper doll scientists posted so far. Steve’s brilliant idea finally got me off my ass. So here’s …