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Twitter Drawings

Hey guys! Remember when I was young and naive and thought I’d be able to post drawings once a week? Ahahahahahaha…ha. I’m gonna make an effort to be more active on here. Maybe if my job would give me a breather or two? Let’s hope! And now for a special …

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Twitter drawings for all

Hey so I’ve been absent for a little while, my bad. I started a new job in November and have been busy adjusting to my new schedule, and adjust to the fact that I have a job that I LOVE AND WHAT IS THIS FEELING? Ahem. Anyways, the downside to …

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Dang it, Riker

It’s been a couple years since I have watched Star Trek: The Next Gen and yesterday I was hit by a powerful force to re-watch all the episodes and films. Yes, even the bad ones. I also made a startling discovery when watching ST: Generations. One that shocked me to …

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So what if Halloween is still a couple weeks away?

I think my new art project is going to be drawing the Mad Art Labbers in Halloween costumes. Cast your ideas/suggestions below!

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Carl Sagan, Time Lord.

This was requested in the Mad Art Lab back channel (be on the lookout for more Scientist Time Lords soon!) and I was happy to comply, even though I have not watched much (or..er, any) Doctor Who, but I mean, I have friends who watch it. And there’s Google. I …

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Introductions and doodles

Why, hello Mad Art Lab world! It’s me, Jill! You might remember me from blogging back at Skepchick, back in the day. But in 2010, I started another university program that was kind of demanding on my time, and eventually I had to bow out of the blogging world, which …