Ghostbusters – Unapologetically Dorky

The new Ghostbusters movie had fountains of digital ink spilled through violent debate of its worth before the first teaser had been released. I have chosen to wait until after seeing the film to make any formal comment. In short, I quite liked it. I would even venture to say that it …


Becoming a Hufflepuff or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Badger

I was born a Ravenclaw, or so I told myself. When Harry Potter came out, I was neck deep in academia, and had groomed myself to be there since before high school. When everyone started sorting themselves into houses, I naturally fell into the house of Ravenclaw, the house of …


Cosplay like a Lady – Emmett Frost

I blame everything you are about to see and read on Emily Finke. Not all of it is entirely safe for work. You have been warned. Three years ago I dove into the world of genderbent cosplay with a take on Princess Leia’s slave costume from Return of the Jedi. …


The Making of Supergirl

I’ve been working on a new costume for a while now, and it’s been a bit of an adventure. Most of the costume work that I do is in metal. I like metal. I know metal. I know how it flows, and stretches, and drapes, and folds. That is to say, I know …

A mold for a supergirl crest.
GeekerySculptureWork in Progress

WIP Weekend: Supergirl

I’m working on a Supergirl costume right now. I’ve never worked with spandex in a serious way before, so I’m learning a lot. I also plan to make the “S” crest on the chest out of cast silicone. I made what I thought would be the mold for it last weekend, …

replica of the belt worn by Rey in Force awakens
GeekeryWork in Progress

WIP Weekend: Star Wars Build Beginnings

I have a couple of star wars costumes that I’m working on parts of. A friend needs a Rey costume and I’m making the belt. I’m also making my first lightsaber. The belt I’m making from scratch. It’s 6oz vegetable tanned leather. This is one of the easier pieces to …


Aphantasia – What do you see in your brain?

What do you experience when you imagine things? Let’s do an experiment… Picture a red circle. Is it a picture? For most people, the answer is yes. However, not for everyone. An extreme case is Aphantasia, a term coined relatively recently in the journal Cortex.  It refers to brain blindness. It …

SculptureWork in Progress

WIP Weekends – Horse Armor

I am working on something with the strangest deadline I’ve ever been given: it needs to be finished before jousting season starts. Before the fields dry and the mud becomes manageable, I need to finish making a face-guard (or chanfron) for a horse. It’s my first equine client, so there’s a …